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It's been such a terrible ordeal and I am still...

It's been such a terrible ordeal and I am still recovering from the emotional turmoils due to my disfigured face from the hands of South Korean ID Hospital, Sang-Hoon Park (or his shadow doctor). I am in living in emotional hell.

Where do I start? I've been putting off doing this review because I'm just a complete mess emotionally and physically. I'm going to have to do this review in pieces because I don't think I have enough time or mental energy to write down all that has transpired. I would love to put up pictures to show everyone what they've done to me (and what I've done to myself), but at the same time, I'm so ashamed of myself for getting talked into such drastic procedures, dangling in front of me, the shallow dream of being one of the beautiful people, living celebrity life.

My desire for this surgery wasn't completely for esthetic value. I have been experiencing lifelong discomfort due to bite issues ie., migraines, TMJ pain, and dental problems, which I attributed to my severe underbite, crossbite, and open bite. I also suffered from asymmetry of the face and what south Korean doctors call "long face".

I did some due diligence research although now in hindsight, I realize that I had my sights set on ID from the get-go, due to their magnificent marketing tactics. All other options seemed to fain. I didn't consider having the surgery in the US because they were so much more expensive, for so much less (it seemed); and I didn't have insurance. But I did some research and made my short list of clinics to consult with in South Korea. Off I went into the abyss of unknowing, but I had faith and confidence because after all, have you seen all the great results of South Koreans who have had the procedures done? They're spectacular! To be continued.

Continued Review

When I got there, I met with Yumi Jung, their English speaking consultant, whom by the time I left Korea, became Manager of their English speaking staff (?). I had initially only wanted to get double jaw surgery when I began corresponding with her via email. But she told me that I had to do the zygoma and v-line procedures, as well, or I would not get "beautiful results". Those were key words to me.

During consultation, I was talked into doing the works. Gullible and desperate, I was completely taken in by all the hoopla. I met Park for less than 10 minutes. I requested that he do my surgery because, after-all, he invented this "new and safe" process, or so I was told. They also told me that they would print out a 3D model of my skull for pre-op practice (which I now question if they even did). When I asked if my skin would shrink after cutting away bone, Park claimed that most of it will, but to be sure, I should get the thread lift procedure. Yumi chimed in stating that one of their famous patients, "the mother", also had it done.

Anyways, getting back to my initial consult: I ended up having double jaw surgery; zygoma reduction (it turned out to be zygoma repositioning); v-line (chin and jaw reduction); fat grafting; Asian eyelid surgery to correct imbalanced eyes due to ptosis; and V3 thread lift to prevent potential skin sagging.

I went into surgery at around 9 am. They took me down to the basement which is their surgery room. It was the scariest moment of my life. I really thought that it would be my last day alive. They strapped me down onto a metal bed and within seconds, I was out.

At some point, I had awakened. I was able to see a bit and saw that I had been placed to the side somewhere. While under anaesthesia, I awoke a bit and knew that I had been laying there for an extreme amount of time. Have you ever been laying way too long and your body just gets completely stiff and restless? Well, that's what I was feeling as I laid there almost awakening. I felt like I needed to stretch and when I couldn't (because I was still strapped down), my body began automatically thrashing about. I saw someone run towards me and then I was out again.

When I awoke, it was 8:30 pm. I know for certain the time because I had a visitor waiting for me in my room when I was wheeled into the room. She was the owner of the guestroom that I was staying at and she had just gotten off work. She also happens to live right across the street from the hospital. She said that I looked like a monster. I had two tubes coming out of my mouth which were going down my throat. I could barely breathe not only because of the tubes, but also because my nasal cavity was filled with blood. I wasn't sure that I would survive the night. When I laid down, to get some sleep, I couldn't breathe. I had to keep ringing for the nurse to use the blood suctioning device that's on the wall. The nurse was clearly annoyed with me as she began aggressively stuffing the straw into my nostril. I was gagging and screaming and soon began thrashing because it really hurt the way she was sticking that thing inside my nose. She was not being gentle or caring. The nurses were sleeping on the job, in their lounge.

Soon, I got tired of this nurse (from hell) and decided that if I'm going to survive through the night, I better just sit up and stay awake all night. I put my bed all the way up to erect position and just sat with my legs in Indian position ALL night! The nurses came in and asked what I was doing, I told them that I could not breathe and so I'm going to sit here until morning and asked when the doctor would come to see me. She said that he'd be in to see me around 11 am the next morning. I sat there and meditated from around 10 pm until morning light.

In the morning, the nurses brought in our "meal". It was orange juice in a box and a can of liquid nutrition (similar to Ensure). I was surprised that that was all they had to offer because I had heard online that they offer warm pumpkin porridge. I thought that maybe they'd offer it later or tomorrow. I was wrong. That was all they offered both nights and days.

Right around 11 am, the ward staff began feverishly cleaning up everywhere. Soon, Park and his entourage arrived at the ward. It was like a royal procession coming through. Staff bowing and picking up things before him and rushing around him, as if he was king in a palace.
He came into my room and took a very quick look at me from side to side, for no longer than a minute. Shortly after he left, a junior doctor scraggled in and took a definite accounting of all my surgery areas. He measured and took notes on me. This is why I'm almost positive that Park didn't work on me himself (even though I paid for him to do it); this young doctor was the shadow doctor that actually worked on me! It occurred to me that I was most likely used for instructional purposes! They denied it when I asked about it but the proof was there and my instincts are uncanny. Plus, when I asked Park about certain aspects of my surgery, he didn't really seem sure, or know, for that matter. I'm sure my doctor was this young man, not Park!

My condition improved after they removed the tubes in my throat, and I was even allowed to walk around the ward for exercise. I didn't look forward to meal times because it was never much of a meal. After the second night, I couldn't wait to get back to my guestroom so I could get some real nutrition in me. I had packed from home, a tub of Garden of Life Raw Meal, and a whole case of rice milk. I also had my Korean blender, which I had purchased previous to my surgery. I had also purchased some soups and other restaurant foods and kept them in the fridge to eat when I got back. Thank GOD I did that! I pureed all my food and it was SO great! The raw meal shakes were wonderful too. I had come back to life!

I stayed in Korea for five weeks. I was supposed to stay for six but I just couldn't stand being away from home any longer. During the stay, I followed ID Hospital's post-op treatment plan and went back once a week for follow-ups and facials for de-swelling. During my last appointment, I had the screws removed from my top and bottom gums. The screwdriver that was used was dirty, rusty and smelled of other people's saliva. The nurse was very aggressive too. This day, I got to see Park for a few minutes to ask any questions, and of course, once again, the junior doctor came in after him asking me how I was feeling and checking my incision sites. The one thing that I asked Park was how many threads he used for my V3 threadlift. He stated that he used six; three on each side of my face (when I recently had a face-lift to correct my sagging jowls, I had the threads removed; there were only four. Two on each side of my face. Once again, proof to me, that Park did not perform my surgery.)

At first, I couldn't tell if all went well because the swelling lasted quite a while. But everybody said that I looked great. I came back home to the US and waited patiently for my final results. As the swelling went down, I noticed that the ends of my mouth were turned completely downwards and I developed droopy jowls, like a St. Bernard dog. One thing that I had before surgery was a beautiful smile and that is completely lost. My jawline definition is gone; and the skin on my neck from ear to ear was sagging. Because they removed so much bone from my jawline, my submandibular glands were prominently visible. Besides the esthetic disaster, I am no longer able to chew foods properly; I developed snoring; I wake up choking because I stop breathing because my nasal cavity has been reduced; my lips are numb; and the areas under my nose, all the way down to below my neck, feels very tight.

I was devastated and became recluse in my home. I am so depressed and ashamed that I cannot go out into the public, much less work or meet with relatives and friends. Any comment or question about why I did such a thing to myself would devastate me and have me running under my covers in bed. I am almost suicidal but because I am mother to four (all grown) I refuse to leave this life.

Today, 2 years after my South Korean fiasco, I am still wrecked facially and emotionally. I have gone back to Korea twice to attempt to correct my disfigured face; but by no means have been satisfactorily rectified. Instead, I've been talked into doing other things, including my nose, which is now completely wrecked, as well. I look clownish with a wide nose and round point. And I had a forehead lift too, which I also regret. I didn't need either of these but I got taken in once again (I will do reviews on the other surgeons that I used later. I had acculift, fat graft, chin implant and a nose job on the former trip; then on the latter trip, I got a facelift, forehead lift, "corrective" nose job, chin implant removal and another fat graft).

One positive note about my experience at ID (besides having come out alive) is that they provided transportation three times. They picked me up from the airport, they picked me up for my surgery, and they delivered me back to the guesthouse post-op. The weekly facials were nice too.

Pictures coming soon.

Typo correction above

My submandibular glands ARE prominently visible.



Forgot to mention...

Forgot to mention that on my second trip back to Korea for a correction attempt, I also had a procedure called epicanthoplasty to widen the eyes. It was nothing but bad. On my third trip, when I got the facelift, my doctor repaired it. It is not great but it is much better.

Some irregular facial symptoms due to bone contouring.

One of the members messages me asking some questions about the symptoms I've been experiencing after ID HOSPITAL MAIMED ME! Here was my response to her.

I had a facelift but the sagging is still there (but not as bad) and the shape of the face is not normal. It feels uncomfortable when I move my mouth to eat and talk, like a tightness.

My upper lip is much thinner now because when they closed me up after surgery, they sewed too much skin inside my mouth, shrinking my lip. I used to have very full lips but now, especially the upper lip, is much thinner.

My philtrum appears too long because they shortened my upper jaw. So when I smile, my top teeth are mostly covered and I must deliberately lift my upper lip to smile. It looks stupid and weird when I smile.

When I talk or eat, (because I still have so much cheek tissue and fat, but a decreased inner mouth), I have to be careful not to bite my inner cheek tissue. I feel like I'm talking like somebody old who took their dentures out of their mouth because they have a decreased inner mouth structure but they still have all the skin and fat in the lower face.

Because they shortened my chin so much, any facial movement makes my chin wrinkle up like a raisin.

Also, my face is even more lopsided than before the zygoma reduction surgery.

After Pictures of Correction Attempts

I decided that I will not do anymore reviews of the other clinics that I went to in attempts to correct the mess ID HOSPITAL made of my face and my life.

Instead, I'll just post my most recent pictures and show everyone how even after spending over $25,000, this is the best that South Korean plastic surgeons can do for me.

I emailed Yumi Chung in an effort to obtain CT Scan copies of Before and After my botch job there. She has not responded. It's funny though, a few months back when I emailed complaining about my results, I got an immediate response from her inviting me to go back for other procedures.

Acculift Results

After my botch job at ID HOSPITAL, I went back to Korea in an attempt to repair the damage.

I got Acculift and fat graft, as well as, rhinoplasty, chin implant and lateral epicanthoplasty. The latter 3 procedures were after thoughts, which added to my need for additional corrections. They were ALL bad!

I found many fake reviews BEWARE!

I was just perusing the site, reading how all these people got beautiful results from bone reduction surgery in Korea. I came across some real ones, of course, but I also came across several fake ones; one telling how cute she now looks in a bucket hat and how "going shopping is so fun"! I can see right through them.

People BEWARE of these tricks to lure you. They use the same tactics in South Korea; plastering cute happy faces ALL over the place. Women and men saying how happy they are, and how life is so fun after jaw surgery. I was completely sucked in and if you allow yourself, you will be too. The fact is, all of this drastic bone reduction surgery results in your skin not having the bone structure to support it anymore. South Korean doctors lie and tell you that your skin and muscles will reshape themselves but what happens is that your skin and muscles will fall downward!s.

You can tell a fake one pretty easily because they usually don't indicate what US state they're from and their English is really broken. The things that they say read exactly the same as classic South Korean jaw surgery leaflets and ads found in South Korean plastic surgery clinic waiting rooms. I was there 3 separate times for 4 to 5 weeks each time and read through all of them and saw all the Let Me In TV shows.

Requested my CT SCANS from ID HOSPITAL

I contacted Yumi Chung, Global Team Manager at ID Hospital requesting my CT Scans. I submitted my request form and passport copy as she instructed and all was well. I received email from her confirming that she submitted my package to EMS for delivery.

A few hours later, I received another email from her with a link to this site and my review asking me, "did you do this? Why did you do it? Your surgery was a success." PEOPLE! Does it look like my surgery was a success? I don't understand how they could possibly continue saying that it was successful. It doesn't matter if they think I now have a cute profile and face shape in an xray! It matters what I look like on the outside, as well! Am I crazy or does anyone else agree with me?

Anyways, I still haven't received my CT Scans that were sent via EMS Express Messenger Service. When I wasin Korea, I sent my 60 lb. luggage home via EMS. It arrived in 3 days. She supposedly submitted my package for shipping on March 30th.

I sent her an email last night asking when I should expect delivery. Let's see if she responds.

I forgot to mention a few side effects that I struggle with daily ...

I forgot to mention a few side effects that I struggle with daily. It has become a regular part of my life discomfort and all - I just completely forgot about it. When they cut across my nasal cavity in order to move it, they also reduced, or shortened, it. When that happened, it reduced my nasal cavity's capacity to breathe in and out properly. This has caused me to start snoring very loudly when I sleep. I do not ever get a good night's sleep anymore I am waking up constantly because I actually stop breathing. When I'm at the dentist, I have to keep my mouth open for prolonged periods of time. The dentist will tell me to open wider or lesser. When the mouth is open a certain amount of opening, I. Can. Not. Breathe! The new "improved" nasal cavity obstructs, no, it STOPS, air from flowing at all. :]

The other side effect that I live with daily is my inability to chew food properly. I may have mentioned this before but it may not have seemed like a big deal, when in fact, it is a very big deal! I just don't stress over it as much as I do my face because I have to show the world my face; it is something that I can't hide. I keep my chewing private. I don't eat in restaurants anymore. I did get braces after jaw surgery, but I still have teeth that don't exactly match up. It is a long story but I'll put it as succinctly as possible; when they cut my jaws and centered them, they should have kept in mind that I had teeth extracted in the past. They should have never done the jaw surgery on a patient without them getting their teeth fixed first. This has prevented some of my upper and lower teeth from matching up no matter how good my orthodontist is. I can't even put a dental implant in to fix the bite, because if I do, my upper and lower won't be centered anymore. Argghhh! So frustrating how they can just mess up people's normal functions this way and act like they did nothing wrong. This is so wrong! I wish I could make people understand this! I'm so angry right now!!

He was very charming and seemed to answer all my questions. But after the fact, the answers he gave me were false. The hospital itself seemed very nice and clean; very state of the art. All of the employees have definite roles and seemed very professional. The surgery room is in the basement and as you're going down the elevator, it feels like you're going into the dungeons of hell. Aftet the surgery, I stayed in their post-op ward for 2 nights. The night nurses treated me very badly. My nasal cavity was so filled with blood and would get refilled with blood constantly. The nurse would stick the suction straw into my nostril VERY aggressively because she was sleeping and I was bothering her; I was gagging, thrashing and screaming but she would continue aggressively. In post-op care, when they were removing the screws from my gums, the nurse did it so aggressively, it was very painful; the screwdriver she used was dirty and rusty and smelled like other people's saliva. Their consultant, Yumi Jung (she is the English speaking manager, I think?), talked me into doing a lot more than I needed and the results are to say the least, regretful. When I contacted them about the issues I'm having, they simply disregarded my complaints and wanted me to go back for more procedures. All ended up being much more expensive than having the procedure here at home for the real problem, which was should have been my jaw and not my vanity. They took all my money and left me disfigured. MINUS 5 STARS!!

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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