26, 5ft 7, 59kg, Heavy Weight Trainer, 1 Child...breastfed. 410cc Round Silicone Overs - Birmingham UK

Hi ladies, So I booked up a couple of days ago...

Hi ladies,
So I booked up a couple of days ago with George samouris with the hospital group in London and all is paid for my procedure which is just 3 weeks away today! 30th August! Eeek!! Need to go up to Birmingham for the procedure so won't be a nice journey back but I was really happy with that surgeon so am willing to travel a few hours. I am so so excited! Waited a long time to have this done and can't believe I'm now actually doing it...I can't wait.
So at the minute I am a 32B and hoping to go to a large D cup, the surgeon has suggested my right which is a lot larger than the left to have 380cc and the left 440cc. Over the muscle which I'm really happy with. I tried on the sizers and they were definitely the ones I was most happy with and were also what the surgeon recommended for a natural look which is exactly what I want.
I am so nervous as to what to expect pain wise post op though...but I have everything sorted in terms of help with my daughter who is 2 1/2 years so I know I will be able to rest and recover nicely for the first couple of weeks. But like I say it's the unexpected that makes me nervous.

I am also mad into weight training as am competing in bikini fitness and a personal trainer so very much focused on strength training and lifting as it is my job so I will struggle without the training post op for all those weeks but I have to keep thinking long term! Any of you ladies had the same worry/concern? How long roughly were you able to start introducing your routine back? I'm hoping to start training legs after 3 weeks or is this way off?? I'm thinking if I stick with machines rather than using a bar for squats etc then I won't be putting any strain on my upper body. What were your experiences? I am really keen to know what others similar to myself have gone through.

I just had a bit of a funny moment doing the washing...taking out a dark wash to find my white strapless bra had snuck in and first reaction was to think 'oh nooo my nice white bra' and quickly snapped back with 'ahh doesn't matter need to buy a new one soon anyway' haha. Just made it seem a little more real that I'm getting it done!

Before pics

Here are my before pics...surgery was yesterday so I will post my update later once I have some photos of the new girls!

Surgery done and got PO day two pics. Changed mind last minute and got 410cc!!

Hi ladies,

So surgery was all done Tuesday and went really well...I decided last minute to change to 410cc after seeing my friends boobies...she has 450cc and although suit her frame, with me being a smaller frame I thought 440cc would look too much on me and don't want a fake/obvious look. I think I've made the right decision and absolutely looooove my new girls!

Not felt much pain at all really...day of surgery I was just so sleepy from the anaesthetic and had been worried about the drive home as had to travel 3 hours and was concerned about a bumpy drive causing pain but I didn't suffer any discomfort on the journey home at all so thrilled with that! I did take cocodamol they gave to me which helped and have been taking them the first 48 hours but have stopped taking any now as they've made me so bloated and constipated. If I feel the need to I will take ibuprofen but for now I'm not in any pain just a bit uncomfortable. My wounds are starting to get itchy so only a good sign but is so hard not to touch!!
Luckily I have my mum helping me with my little girl this week and am not back at work for another 3/4 days so I have a bit of time still to rest. Although was getting cabin fever so popped into town for a bit today, still had to take things slow and made me very tired so probably shouldn't have gone in the end but oh well.
But all in all so far so good! I am thrilled with my boobs and pain wise am not in any and is nothing as bad as what I had expected! The most annoying thing I have found is how constipated I have been but that should start to ease off now without the painkillers.

I'll pop another update on in a couple of days and update photos too :)

PO day 5 + pics

Just a little update...discomfort has pretty much gone and back to work tomorrow! Managed to wash my hair and dry it on my own this morning and am able to move my arms all the way up to pull a t shirt off etc so happy with progress with mobility! Still get a few twinges every now and then and am getting weird sensation sometimes...only way I can describe it is when breastfeeding and your milk is drawing at your nipples needing to feed! I'm hoping I will get nipple sensation back...one nipple I can feel a little sensation when I touch but the other is still so numb. We will see! They are obviously still hard as rocks!! And tried a couple of my sports bras on earlier and they don't fit too well as I'm popping out at the side but they've not settled at all so I can't really tell yet I'm just being impatient to see how they will look haha! Going to go buy some basic t shirts and vest tops tomorrow as not a lot of my clothing I can wear due to either not fitting or can't wear because of this surgical bra. Still love them!!! And still so so soooo happy!! Can't believe how quick recovery is in terms of discomfort/pain as had no pain at all really! I am still sleeping upright...when do I return to sleeping flat?? I laid a little between flat and upright for an hour or so on the sofa last night and all my nerves were going mad in my boobs when I sat up! Didn't feel good so wondered how much longer I need to sleep upright for and is that normal??!

2 weeks post op

Hellooooo...so now at 14 days post op! And I would say from 10 days post op I began to feel tonnes better! Much more back to my normal self. A lot less twinges and discomfort. Feeling amazing! And loving them still...I'm so happy! Only thing I'm finding hard still is not training and it's really getting to me now that I am feeling a lot better...plus working in a gym just makes it that little bit harder haha!! I know it's a small sacrifice to make a few more weeks of no training and I can be healed and start going again! But with beautiful boobies!

So the swelling has gone down a lot now too and are feeling softer...still pretty hard though! And I think they may have dropped slightly. Uploaded some pics of the girls taken yesterday and my incisions...I'm really happy with them so far they are looking really neat and healing well.

Today I popped into town for a dress but got distracted and tried on some bras! Only non wired ones so a bit plain for my liking butttt I tried on several sizes and much to my amazement the 32E fitted me perfectly! I know they still have a lot of moving to do and am expecting to be smaller than that once settled but it's felt good to wear a more normal bra for a few minutes hahaha! Although not complaining too much as I've got the Macom post op bra and compared to what I've read from some of you other girls with your post op bras...this one seems very comfortable! It's just hard finding things to wear that cover up the high back and front and thick straps! Another 6 weeks day and night wearing that before I can move onto the normal non wired bra! And I have uploaded a few pics of me in this new bra as well as some clothed in just my post op bra.

So happy with recovery process still...my next appointment is in two more weeks with the nurse for a check up. Last week had my dressings removed and cleaned up so was able to shower from last week lol thank god!

Happy healing to post op girls and good luck to all pre op girls!

Some pics didn't upload

6 weeks post op

Hi ladies! Not posted in ages as been so busy but my healing and recovery was very speedy and I am now back to training as of this week. I had gone back to training legs using just machines after 4 weeks but this week have started upper body weight exercises and normal leg routine with squats and holding weight etc. Had no twinges at all so I'm really happy with that. So for you girls that are gym freaks like me I think when your body is used to that physical activity and strength exercises you will soon get back into it. I do feel really out of shape at the moment but I'm giving myself until the end of the month to start getting my shape back to how I was pre op.

I started massaging them at 4 weeks and has made a huuuuuge difference...they're so much fluffier now and squishy. I'm so so happy with them. Was the best thing I've done! I have been back and forth over the size not gonna lie...I get a little boob greed sometimes and think should I have gone bigger?? But really I think this size is perfect for me and they look natural but still a good size so I'm just being a bit greedy!

My scars have healed unbelievably well I really can't believe how neat they are! You can hardly see them! I have been putting bio oil on every morning from the 4 week mark to help them fade and heal more. I forgot to take a pic of my scars and writing this in bed about to go to sleep so I will take some pics of my scars in the morning and upload tomorrow for you to see because they are so tidy, really happy with the job my surgeon did. Even when I went for my 2nd check up with the nurse she couldn't believe how great they were!

I'll add some photos of how my boobs are looking now...but definitely have dropped and come in further as have more of a cleavage there now compared to last pics. And still have loads more dropping to do.

I'm still in my post op bra. And still need to wear it for another couple of weeks then I can go to normal non wired bras/sports bras for a month before I'm allowed to wear standard wired bras. I can't wait to wear normal bras again! And go shopping for new sexy bras not all these boring ones I have to keep getting hahaha! Anyway let me know what you think and wish you all well all pre and post op ladies! Xx
George Samouris

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