31, Small B, Slight Tubular Breasts - Having 475cc Silicone with The Hospital Group. Birmingham, GB

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Had a consultation with The a hospital group at...

Had a consultation with The a hospital group at the Leeds clinic with Marcos Sforza who advised that I have a slight tubular issue with my breasts that will means when I have implants my nipple will stretch and the tissue will look puffy. He suggested a procedure where they burn small holes in the nipple area that will reduce the puffiness by around 75%. The scaring on the nipple concerns me slightly as from the pictures he showed me, it looks like a round 30 black biro ball point dots on the nipple area and he advises the scaring will take around 6 months to settle. This is an alternative to having my nipple taken off an relocated. I have my BA today in Birmingham so will keep you updated.

Op completed this afternoon

Surgeon said he will try the 475 but if too big he will instead insert the 450cc. I asked him to do what he thinks best as he has a lot of experience. He used the 450cc. The op didn't take long at all and I was having a sandwich a couple of hours later. All staff so far are lovely.
Marcos Sforza

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