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I felt I had spent enough time and visits to get...

I felt I had spent enough time and visits to get to know the physician to ensure that we had the same expectations with the "body contouring liposuction" procedure as well as the breast augmentation..

I was 45 at time of surgery(2nd breast aug. for me and by his recomendation)both done over 2 years ago now and I have been left with horribly disfiguring on my stomach along with rippling as well as little to no feeling left at all in some areas. and yes in the areas that do have feeling i still experience pain on a regular basis.

My stomach is much bigger now in its demormities than it ever was to begin with..he also left my nipples very obviously mangled and not even in circles one is much larger than the other one they are just as horrible..I cry on a regular basis.

This was and is the worst experience of my life.

This is something that took me almost 3 years to get the money to afford these procedures. With no help in the near future I am forced to live with the doctor's results who also had no sympathy on the many visits after the surgery and he even admitted to messing up the lipo yet even as I begged him to fix it and to not leave me this way.. he REFUSED but would give me a referral he said.

This is not like just having a bad day and you get over it...these things I am forced to live with and look at and be reminded of on a daily basis.

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