Horrendous Lipo Experience

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I had lipo in 2003 on my thighs, with horrible...

I had lipo in 2003 on my thighs, with horrible consequences. I went in fat and my thighs have always been a bad area for me, but I came out of the experience with deformities, sagging skin, indentations and hard spots under the skin. I was supposed to be happy because there was less fat in my legs, but now they’re ugly! The doctor offered a discount fat transfer after I complained. He didn’t offer me a refund for the lipo though and I was afraid to go back to him for more after this botched job. I have gotten a few quotes from other doctors who said they would repair the damage but it’s not something I have been able to afford up to this point. To add insult to injury, I am still paying back the loan for the lipo! I cannot say my doctor’s name because - even though I want to warn other women - he has threatened me with the waiver I signed and also by saying that I am defaming him when I go public with my story. But he is in California now and I’ve since found out that he is certified only for dermatology, not plastic surgery. My first mistake was not checking into his certificates, I guess. I would never, ever do this again! I never liked being known as the fat kid or having big thighs but what I have been through in the past four years and what I will continue to experience when I look in the mirror now is a lot worse.
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