24 Years Old, No Kids, 5'1" and 108lbs (Silicone Natrelle Inspire Moderate Profile Under the Muscle) - Honolulu, HI

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From many good recommendations from friends and...

From many good recommendations from friends and also those who have gone to Dr. Chu. I am confident I have chosen the right doctor. He is friendly and easy to talk to. Going to have my pre-op in exactly one week from today so getting very excited but also nervous at the same time. Tried on sizers at my first consultation and was really liking the look of 350cc but will probably get 375cc since going under the muscle will make the implants smaller. Will update more as the date gets closer.

Pre-op DONE!!!!! ???? t-minus 12 days until surgery

After the using pictures from the vectra machine and taking actual measurements we have come up with my before size (34A/AA)

Looked at implant sizes and decided since my right is roughly 18cc larger than my right we will go with 375cc on the right and 405cc on the left. But he said he will ultimately decide the final size once in the operating room to make sure they look their best.

Implant type: Naturelle inspira moderate profile

Before pics

Right After Surgery

More Pics After Surgery...

One day after surgery

I am super lucky but I don't have much pain. No sharp pains of any kind. Just the uncomfortable tightness. Had my bandages taken off this morning. Need to have my drains in until Monday. Drains are kind of annoying. They put tubes on both sides of your armpits to help remove excess liquids inside your breast pockets. Overall, my experience is super good. Also no nausea whatsoever.

The meds I was prescribed. (Highlighted ones)......

Honolulu Plastic Surgeon

Convenient location and super friendly staff.

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