23 Yr Old. 575 or 600cc - Honolulu, HI

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Aloha, I'm 23 yrs old. Height of 5'1. Weight...


I'm 23 yrs old. Height of 5'1. Weight about 125. I have one child. My surgery set date is next month on the 27 of July 2016. I honestly feel more nervous than excited! My goal is to go big but make sure it matches my frame WELL. Don't want to go too large or too small.
Goal is to have nice cleavage!! I am going 600cc silicone smooth. Current size is 32b.

Here is a before pic

Will update next month!

Hey guys,So... I have 64. Something hours of...

Hey guys,So... I have 64. Something hours of vacation. I'm using them all for my BA which is from July 27 - August 7, 2016. Within your guys experience, do you guys honestly think that is not enough time to recovery? I work as a receptionist. Don't do anything physical at work. Worst case scenario, if I don't feel well I'll tell my boss that I would need more time off. And also walking wise in one week? What's it like? sore? Ok?

I'm 5'1 - my wish boobies Ms Demi rose

Favorite idol!

5 more days

The day is getting NEAR. The only thing that is stressing me out is that I did not tell my mom about this. She is against BA and will BITCH at me forever. Ugh!! But anyways MY Question IS do US/CLIENTS get to choose where we want the INCISION??? I honestly do not prefer the areola because i CLEARLY don't want to fuck up my nipple sensation but my DR. Said that's where he will do the Incision VS the crease fold where I wanted the incision to be done. should I take his word!?!? any Suggestions or advice????

2 More days

No one ever comments here but I'll be posting/ updating anyway ;)

Couple of hours left

Before I go to bed just want to note down how I'm feeling right now. I'm very scared! Especially about going through recovery. I sometimes think to myself why I want to do this, hoping to not have a double bubble and how this situation would affect me in the long run/Future.... Good night World..

Surgery Day !

About to get ready! Feeling a lot better than last night, thank god! I will shower and wear comfy clothes. Take my 3 medicines at 7:15 am and be at my doctors office by 8:15 AM. Wish me luck guys!!

I'm home

Hey guys i went 560 cc smooth silicone feeling ok. Pain isnt bad at all, just throbbing then I'll take my pain medicine

Day 1

Very painful!! But my meds help take the pain away. I hate the drainage it's very uncomfortable and when my bf stats pulling down the wire of blood, it hurts and stings my right armpit the most. It's Thursday day 2, can't wait to take the drainage off Monday at 11AM. I appreciate my bf for being patient n helpful with me.

Last two pics

We're actually day one post opt

Day 3

Up high n tight. Hoping I don't get a double bubble. Are my nipples to low? Will they settle in and be back to normal?

Day 5

Feeling no pain at this very moment. Just very tight and Heavy.

Day 5

Woke up this morning and my boobs felt really tight and hard?? Is this normal?? I mean I'm only day 5. I have no pain at all. I finally have an appt with my doctor this morning and will finally take off the drainages!

Day 5 post opt

No pain. Just heavy and right. A little brushing

One week 1 day post opt

Feeling a lot better. I could move so much more than the past few days but I try not too because I still have bruising around my areola n under my boobs. They look really sore n swollen but there not sore at all. There also still hard. My next visit will be 2 week post opt next week Wednesday as we will start doing massages. My areola looks huge dang lmao

2 weeks!!

Love um!!!!!!

Friday night

Only 2 weeks and 2 days post. Still hanging out at home not going out drinking and just looking at my boobs through the mirror/doing my massages here and there. Very slightly dropping..

Almost 3 weeks

Wireless bras are so COMFY for me!!!

3 weeks and day 2 po


Dang looks like my nipples got darker! And looking so high and round

2 months

With top on Andy barely fit

2 months

3 months


What are some good supportive bras you folks recommend for daily use and for bed???

3 months

5 months

5 months


7 months


Love my boobies. At times I wish I went tiny bit smaller!

One year anniversary!

One year anniversary

One year

Taken from MacBook Pro. Camera quality at night sucks.
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