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I am about to undergo asian eyelid surgery doing...

I am about to undergo asian eyelid surgery doing the suture technique. I am hoping my eyes will look bigger and that my doctor makes my double eyelids even.
I am so very nervous!
I dont know how big i want my double eyelids and I hope the doctor helps me choose the right measurements for my face.
Will update on monday after the procedure.

3days post

Still swollen .. Looks crooked.
Not happy to go back to work with crooked eyes.

3days post

Hopefully once the swelling goes down everything will even out..


How my eyes look..
What do you think?

Day 4

Swelling is slowly going down!!!

4 days

Bye people

Oh my gosh



My one week results

8 days

I need to learn patience!

10 days

My eyes with makeup. I'm loving it!

This is how it has healed so far ..

I guess I like it when I have make up on..
This is how it looks without makeup.

My eyes

The left eye looks different from the right.


I did a revision of my eyelids .. This time I feel it will be much more to my liking :)
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