30 / 2 Kids / 450cc / Breast Augmentation - Honolulu, HI

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Hi. I'm approaching a full 2 weeks after my BA....

Hi. I'm approaching a full 2 weeks after my BA. Sorry, I truly wished I had before pics to compare. But I am on the fence of getting them removed. I have battled so much in the first week with depression. And I'm trying my best to remain optimistic about trusting the process of "drop & fluff" but I am just displeased with myself. I do not hate the appearance of my breast, I just don't like having them. I had my second child a year ago, stopped breastfeeding only 3 months ago, had a consultation and then.. BAM! Boobs. I regret not giving myself de ouch time to love me after pregnancy. For jumping into a commitment extremely fast. Just basically lots of regrets all over. My PS is aware of my feelings and he's asking that I wait a few months before deciding to extract. But I don't want to wait too long in case I decide to, I don't want my breast stretched too long. Hoping that they'll return to its normal state. Eek.
You'll notice in my pics that my left, is my problem boob.

Getting out of my head

Hello everyone. Thank you so much for your kind words, and support. I have been doing my best to remain optimistic during this process. I have decided to give my body it's proper healing time before making any major desicions on removal.

So, I guess this review is really an update on my overall well being and overcoming depression. I have decided to take up counseling, and to avoid full body mirrors at this time. Although, today I did peek a glimpse in the mirror when changing, ugh... Bad move. But it's ok, getting better one at at a time. I'll post more pictures once there is more of a change. Until then, take care.
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