33 Yrs Old, Breastfed 3 Kids, 5'9" 145 450cc Silicone Unders w/ Nipple Reduction Honolulu, HI

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My best friends mom works with Dr. Ferguson and I...

My best friends mom works with Dr. Ferguson and I love her boobies so I essentially want hers put on my body.
I am starting out with very little tissue after breastfeeding 3 kids for a little over a total of 5 years. My nipples are also droopy from being stretched and sucked on forever so I am having those fixed too.
Dr. Ferguson was able to answer all my questions and I feel confident I will love my results. My friends mom will be working on my surgery and she knows exactly what I want so she will determine my size during surgery but has permission to go up to 450cc. Hopefully I don't need that much to get a C but I am tall so we will see.

All I do is look up boobs

Is there anyone out there who has 450cc implants 5'9 145. I tried on 500 and my husband and I both agreed they were too big, 450 and smaller looked good. I was just told since I'm tall my body will eat up the cc's. Sometimes I think I am going too big, and other times not big enough.

3 more sleeps

So after today I won't get much done since it will be the weekend and I'll have 3 kiddos with me at all time till surgery. I cleaned out my bra drawer today, and I had over 50 pads in there. I am so excited to get rid of them. I have to be at the PS office 6:15am Monday. #bestmothersdaypresentever

3 hours post op

So far so good. Hoping this makes sense, I am slightly loopy. Dr. Ferguson had two assistants today so my surgery went quickly, it took an hour including my nipples. I feel tightness in my chest but I am staying on top of my pain meds because I don't want to have to catch up to the pain. I would say my level is around a 4 or a 5 right now. I ended up with 450 because the base of the implant fit my pocket best. I can't wit to see them tomorrow. Just watching movies and then going to have a nap. I am lifting my arms as though doing jumping jacks every hour 10 times per his instructions.

I love them

I am still super swollen, and I had to learn how to do massage today. I can handle the massage and the pain that's associated with it, but the pressure that puts on your nerves made me feel like I was going to pass out. I also got to see my nipples today and I am so happy that I went ahead and had them reduced.

Itchy but can't get to the root of the itch

Anyone ever had this, my boobies feel itchy and I try to scratch them but the area I'm trying to scratch is numb. I stopped Vicodin last night but may need it tonight so it doesn't drive me crazy.

Too big too small

I had a post op today, all is good and I can get more aggressive with my massage on my right side. I get the stitches in my nipples taken out next week. I have barely any pain now. I just wish they were fully healed already. Sometimes I look at them and wonder if I went too big, then I look and think these are awesome I could have gone bigger, but generally I am happy and just want all my bruises to be gone. They are getting squishy too, I can't stop touching them :)

Nipple stitches out

Saw Dr Ferguson today, had my stitches out of my nipples. He said my left booby is still swollen and still to be more aggressive with massage on my right to get it to drop more. I start ultrasound on 5/31 to help them drop quicker, it also help prevent capsular contracture. When you get your boobies done by dr Ferguson, you must commit to 8-12 ultrasounds and they are free, even if you need more than 12. It's hard to believe it's only been 8 days.

2 weeks, left has dropped, right still high

It is the two week mark today, my left one feels extremely comfortable like nothing was ever done to it. My right one is still sitting high and has some numbness. It also feels slightly uncomfortable, I wouldn't call it pain but it something I notice all day long. I start my ultrasound on Wednesday and hopefully that will help. Has anyone else had what I am describing with my right?

Right is slowly coming down

So the right is on its way down. I still have a lot of tightness that is uncomfortable, I tried to show the area that it is in with one of my photos. I had an ultrasound today to help with the drop and fluff. My next one will be next week. I'm just so tired of this constant tight/dull ache feeling.

5 weeks

They are so soft and bouncy. I just love them, the right side is finally meeting up with the left. Left side has complete feeling, my right side still feels like your face does when you come off of Novacaine at the dentist in a few areas. I get itchy but can't get to the scratch, I know it's just the nerves regenerating, hope they get there soon. The swelling in my nipples have also gone down and they look like they were never touched. Dr. Ferguson is an artist. I go in for an ultrasound today so they will get even softer :)
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