My First Jessner Peel.... a Possible Failure? - Home System, FL

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I decided to perform my first peel today. I did a...

I decided to perform my first peel today. I did a spot treatment when I received the kit as per the instructions. During this trial, I did not notice any major discomfort or changes that indicated that I would need to be alarmed. One week later (today), I mustered the courage to go ahead and give it a whirl... to my surprise, the burning was somewhat unbearable. I attempted to fan for approx. one minute before I bailed and rinse the peel off. It was my intention to apply two layers, but I didn't make it to that stage. My skin is now tight and shiny, but the burning has completely subsided (thank goodness). Can anyone offer advice about alleviating this discomfort. I tried using a blow dryer on cool but it was pointless. I even stuck my head in the freezer, but that did not stop the burning either! I would like to attempt to do the peel again, the right way so that I can achieve the best results, I have done a lot of research but this was far more burning than I had ever expected. Please help!
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