retin a and other home made remidies

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Ok so Im using RETIN A 1.0 ( the strongest form...

Ok so Im using RETIN A 1.0 ( the strongest form non persciption) retinol cream from Skinceuticals. This is my Alfa and Omgea at the moment ( has been for the last 3 years).

It peels your skin systimaticly and it work. Doesnt get rid of it but it helps. Makes skin sensitive and you need to wear a 50+ ( i find that NO SUNSCREEN WORS AT ALL. )

I get it regardless of how many hats and sunscreens i wear. I even snorkel with a hat on.

I cant imagine how much worse I woudl look without it. :(

Lemon juice and baking soda helps, baking soda as a scub and lemon juice i put on in bath, let it pull for a while and rinse.

I dont have money for fancy stuff. The most expensive cream Ive used is Clinique even better, WORKS REALLY WELL BUT YOU GOT TO KEEP ON USING IT AND IT COSTS A N ARM AND A LEG ASWELL AS ITS NOT A PERMANENT SOLUTION.
doctor me

ive not been to a bloody doctor!!!

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