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I have had several chemical peels. I didn't know...

I have had several chemical peels. I didn't know anything about them and was researching on line because my son has really bad clusters of pimples. I didn't want to spend a lot of money and insurance wouldn't cover it, so I went on Ebay and purchased chemical peel stuff on there. My son was afraid to do it so I said I would try it out first. I started with a low 25% tca at first and only kept it on for two min after it started burning. My face peeled and I used that same dose a few more times but kept it on longer. I waited for two weeks in between. I then went up to 30% and did it the same and then went to a pumkin peel and do it weekly. My skin looks so much better and my son has also had great results. I am a 43 year old women but people are always telling me I look like a women in my early 30's.

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