Unbelieveable Eyelash Growth.

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I've been using Careprost, generic Latisse, for...

I've been using Careprost, generic Latisse, for just under 8 weeks. I noticed a difference after about a month. But the next 4 weeks have been even more noticeable. My lashes are probably 75% longer, and almost black. Looking closely in a magnifying mirror the last couple days I'm seeing a lot of tiny black lashes sprouting along my lash line. When these new ones get as long as my others I'll have a very thick, very long set of eyelashes! They already look so much better than they did 2 months ago. I haven't experienced any bad side effects. I thick as long as you're careful about applying a small amount right on the lash line and not getting it in the eyes or smeared on the eyelid, you lessen the chances of side effects. Of course your results may not be the same as mine, but I'm completely sold on this stuff! It works!

Separating lashes

It's now been almost 9 weeks, and my lashes are getting ridiculously long. But I'm now having a "problem" They are so long that they are "clumping" together. I've tried separating them using a clean mascara brush but it doesn't work well And even when I do get some separation, it only lasts for a few blinks. I need to add that I don't use mascara and really prefer not to. So is there a way, without using mascara, to separate my lashes and have them stay that way, at least for most of the day?
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