21 Years Old, Large Pores, Redness

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*Treatment results may vary

DISCLAIMER: This post isn't a review of the...

DISCLAIMER: This post isn't a review of the results yet, it's only to keep track of how my skin reacts and eventually the results.

Alright so I always had huge pores since a was a teenager and as I aged I started getting uneven skin tones and redness. I decided to try the derma roller (540 needles, 0.5mm) to try and make a little difference, nothing major.

So I did the treatment today, and the first photo is before and the second photo is RIIIIIGHT after the treatment, so bloody red.

I will keep you updated.

Day 2

Today the pain is gone, I don't feel like I have a sunburn anymore and don't need to apply numbing polysporin anymore. However my skin feels super super smooth, but then again I don't know if it's the jojoba oil I applied to my skin after the treatment.

Skin looks the same as before the treatment, all the swelling and major redness is gone.

Tried a 25% glycolic peel

So yesterday I went ahead and tried a glycolic peel that I left on for 4 minutes. It tingled a little, and my skin reacted very well to it. My skin felt a tad bit tight afterwards, but it actually felt good.

This morning (so day 2 I guess?) my skin is crusting a liiiiiittle bit around my nose and chin, but nothing major as you can see, it doesn't even show on the picture haha! I plan to do it again next week.

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