Home Chemical Peel Burned Me... but No Results!

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I bought a professional home chemical peel kit off...

I bought a professional home chemical peel kit off the Internet. I tried it last week and hated it. If I could do it again (which I won’t) I would go to a real spa or doctor to have this done. I applied the peel in two layers. I was conservative with the first application but when I didn’t see any redness I continued with a thicker coating and left it on for longer before rinsing. I did my face in steps to deal with the pain and ‘cause I couldn’t do it all at once. I had no immediate results but when I woke up I was burned very badly. The kit said this is the way it was supposed to look but there was nowhere to turn. I would have liked to have a doctor to ask about this. I considered going into the hospital to make sure - I really didn’t think that this was right - but I don’t have insurance and I knew the bill would be too high to justify it. So I let it go for a few days. On about Day 4 I started to peel but not like I thought I should have. In a lot of places the skin is still very red/pink and inflamed but isn’t doing anything. I don’t feel like I’m healing or peeling, just stuck in the middle. As of today, Day 8, I still look horrible and I have only peeled somewhat. Even in those areas, I am still very burnt. I am not happy with this at all and certainly didn’t plan to be laid up like this. Never again will I do this to my face. Never.
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