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I got my rhinoplasty on grandpa...

I got my rhinoplasty on grandpa offered to pay for it for my high school graduation present and he is really ill so it was now or never. Let's just say I'm not sure if I'm mentally mature enough for this recovery that I've been going through. The first day wasn't bad just could barely talk or eat...second day was a little more difficult but not HORRIBLE the third day was really the freaking worst...woke up at 4 A.M. nauseous and threw up all morning...the third day in all was very uncomfortable and my eyes have now a new side effect which is MAJOR I'm at my fourth recovery day and the most annoying thing would be HOW ITCHY I AM AROUND MY NOSE AND I CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!! Another thing would be the eyes have still been stinging and I feel really dirty :( (GROSS OUT ALERT: another really annoying thing would be constipation you get from the medicine...I haven't been able to do a bowl movement since the night before surgery which can't be healthy for you) I am now getting very bored and antsy and sick of feeling like this and now regretful that I did this maybe because I'm at my wits end with being uncomfortable and dont know how I can wait till THURSDAY for my splint to come off.....and then college Saturday! Ahhh wish me luck :(

Day 4..... I'm not in pain which is good.....

Day 4.....

I'm not in pain which is good...the main problem has to be constipation at this's so frustrating (sorry to gross anyone out) but this is probably the only complaint that I really have about my day.... other then that I get itchy on my nose at times...I can't scratch because of splint but I need to keep up with holding the urge because when I get the splint off Thursday the last thing I want to do is hurt my new nose in anyway...

Wish I found out about this website sooner because I would love the support all you guys are getting...deff not a fun thing to be going through but "beauty is pain...."


HI guys...well already getting 3 comments made me...

HI guys...well already getting 3 comments made me THAT MUCH HAPPIER today....thanks for those who commented :D!!! I really wish I got involved on this website way before surgery because the last 4 days probably would have been much less difficult for me then they were! Thanks for the nice comments once again and if anyone is going through recovery right now too lets be recovery buddies! I just feel so "bleh" having to be doing this recovery all by myself....

ONE QUESTION: I start college on Saturday.....and I got my surgery this Friday...when do you think it is safe for me to go to college parties/be social/outgoing? I am not going to go to clubs this summer, as well as for a few months because a few months of freshman fun is not a lifetime of ruining my nose but what about house parties and such....if anyone has a suggestion would love to hear!

Hope to have more supporters...this is fun for me for some reason :) XO

Can't sleep....the mucus or whatever it is inside...

Can't sleep....the mucus or whatever it is inside my nose that taste slimey, thick and gross is coming to my throat everytime I swallow...grossing me out to the point where I can't sleep :(

Is this happening to anyone else? It JUST started happening and let me tell you it's not pleasant and very frustrating...not sure how I am going to sleep :(

Goodmorning everyone!! GREAT NEWS! THIS GIRL IS NO...

Goodmorning everyone!! GREAT NEWS! THIS GIRL IS NO LONGER DEALING WITH CONSTIPATION!!!!!! (my only complaint the last few days) so even though last night was my worst sleep...was WELL worth not going to bed until 4 :)

Tomorrow I get my splint off :D gonna wash my hair again today and actually straighten it (weird haven't don't my hair all week) just because tomorrow when the splint comes off even though the nose won't be the "final product" I still want to get a nice vision of how it goes with my look!

How has everyone else been doing this morning? TODAY IS MY FAVORITE DAY OF pain.....NO CONSTIPATION (woohoo), eyes haven't stung yet, woke up late so the days already shorter :D hope to hear from some of you soon xo has still been perfect...and thank... has still been perfect...and thank goodness it went by fast too...the only complaint I have on this very last day of splint removal would be the gross mucus going inside my mouth everytime I swallow (like when you have a really bad cold) ew.....does this happen to anyone else? It's very yucky :((((

Tomorrow is the big reveal...get my splint off...

Tomorrow is the big reveal...get my splint off eeeeeekkk..

I'M REALLY NERVOUS ALL OF THE SUDDEN..getting all these regretful feelings like, "What if I don't like it?", "What if my old nose suited me better?"....anyone else have these freak outs as well? Deff getting to me tonight....

5 hours till splint comes off :) will post pictures!

5 hours till splint comes off :) will post pictures!

Hey guys just got my splint off! I'M SO HAPPY I...

Hey guys just got my splint off! I'M SO HAPPY I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Yes, it's swollen but if its just going to reduce from here on out I will be so content and satisfied with my decision of getting it! Tried to post pics but can't do it through phone, on my way home will post in 30 minutes :D!! (keep in mind: I normally get spray tans weekly and put make up on soooooo I'm looking a bit rough!) woohoo :)





Uploaded another profile view of my nose....thats...

Uploaded another profile view of my nose....thats my favorite part....I'VE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY....really worth it!

Hey guys STILL VERY SWOLLEN...especially around my...

Hey guys STILL VERY SWOLLEN...especially around my face too but the profile view is what is making me so happy because you can't tell how swollen it is from my profile...the front is very swollen as well as my upper lip (my smile is SO WEIRD RIGHT NOW). But I'm still very happy, and even though its swollen which is normal and expected I am still very happy and couldn't have asked for better results..what I requested is exactly what I got.

P.S. I had a deviated symptom which he fixed and I'm breathing better then I have my WHOLE LIFE :)

P.P.S. My nose is still really greasy though but I can't rough clean it so it's kind of grossing me out.

Hey I have ONE MAJOR smile....

Hey I have ONE MAJOR smile is really freaking weird right now as you can barely see my teeth....totally does not feel like me and I can believe I have to see my roommate tomorrow and friends I'm going to be so embarrassed...anyone else having a totally different smile? I know it is normal because your face is swollen...but without my smile I don't feel like "Lindsay"......

Other then that, my nose is still VERY swollen (and greasy). Another thing I started noticing that my mom told me would happen is my skin is pealing and dry....this isn't very fun.

My face is incredibly swollen too. It looks like I just got my wisdom teeth out right now.

I just had a breakdown because I don't know how I'm going to see everyone tomorrow and make sure I don't smile or like what if they notice how weird my face looks right now.

:( any advice...greatly appreciated

Will post more pictures tonight :) I'm having a...

Will post more pictures tonight :) I'm having a much better day since I did my hair and put my make up on....only problem is I can't smile at the moment hahah but hopefully that problem will be fixed soon! Will post pictures way later tonight :)

Here are some new pictures of post-op day three of...

Here are some new pictures of post-op day three of splint removal FINALLY LOOKING LIKE MYSELF AGAIN!

-Can't smile

Other then that, I'm a happy camper

Day 2 of cast removal ADVICE: Hey guys so I'm...

Day 2 of cast removal ADVICE:

Hey guys so I'm just letting you know how I am taking care of the nose, I have been using this as more of a blog-like thing but this is really a review and I should be giving advice from my person experience so here goes....

Personally, I have been extremely dry on my lips since surgery, on top of the upper lip and of course, the nose.
For my lip and upper lip I am using is the number one recommendation from dermatologists and my mom used it for a treatment she had when they literally burn your face (the treatment is supposed to take a whole layer off your face so a brand fresh new layer comes and your skin is supposed to look and feel softer). So, if this is used for third degree burns, you can tell this is a phenomenal moisturizer and it has been making my lips feel very moisturized as well as my upper lip...very soothing.
For my nose I have started using the moisturizing cream from Cetaphil...Cetaphil is very light and not harsh on the skin so it isn't irritating and have been making me feel a bit more comfortable and its only been a day.

Another issue is the itchiness in my nose. (from healing and stitches and dryness): my savior has been the saline nasal spray...I use it literally every 15-30 minutes..IT IS A MIRACLE...incredibly soothing makes me not have the urge to itch the crap out of my nose and making the whole healing process much better.

Another issue is GREASE ON MY NOSE...I have never had a greasy face so this is a whole new thing to me....I bought the oil pads today and have been using them nonstop...those are as well a life savor and highly recommend.

For all you contact users who cannot wear glasses for the next month hopefully you know where I am coming from on this eyes are getting a bit red, irritated and dry. I have started using Opcon-A when I first wake up in the morning, they make my eyes no longer itchy for the rest of the day and throughout the day and night I have been using rewetting drops like no other.

All and all I have been solving each problem I've been having in every possible way I can. My upper lip is still not working smile is probably the most embarrassing thing of my life at the moment but only time will heal that. AND I haven't used any product for the swelling...any suggestions?

Okay, so now I understand this website...will not be "blogging" much anymore and will do more of the "reviewing" sorry for all the kiddish posts I've had I did not understand the flow of the website but the more I visit each of your Rhinoplasty experiences the more I understand what an idiot I've been in these posts. Haha, will update again tomorrow.

(Fun fact: I am taking a picture EVERY DAY and in the 6th month mark making a video of my healing process....this is making my healing process way more fun as it will be some sort of project haha)

I'm literally about to just freak out and cry..:my...

I'm literally about to just freak out and cry..:my nose is INCREDIBLY itchy on the inside and not being able to itch it is driving me insane!!!! I can't sleep because of this and I'm so sleep deprived and exhausted...if anyone knows any remedies (besides the saline nasal spray I already am using that) please let me know ASAP even though I think it's just the nose healing and you can do anything about it :(

Day 3 of splint off: this night/morning was VERY...

Day 3 of splint off: this night/morning was VERY ROUGH SO nose is incredibly itchy..I finally went to sleep at 4 AM after getting over the urge to literally itch my nose off...BUT WOKE UP AT 8 from a horrible itchy feeling even worse then last night (not to mention exhausted from getting barely any sleep). I started panicking and crying and screaming to my mom saying, "I just can't do this anymore. Let's just pretend I never got it"...I literally wanted to just make it all go she was googling as trying to calm me down and this one doctor suggest to let steam be blown on your face...LUCKY ME, I have a steam shower in my house so I hopped right into it and began praying that this horrible itch goes away!! It did...but it's only a temporary feeling of relief as my itchiness is already coming back and it's really been one of the worse experiences throughout this process.
If anyone is going through the same thing, or did and has another remindy I can try PLEASE let me know I'm very much at my breaking point.

P.s. my parents decided it'd be best for me not to move into a college dorm for the summer for the healing process and I was so against there decision but after this morning I now understand why I need to be sleeping at home right now....this morning was BAD!!!!

Updated a new picture...(sad face because I'm SO...

Updated a new picture...(sad face because I'm SO itchy AND I still can't smile haha)

Day 4 after cast removal- Hello everyone...added...

Day 4 after cast removal-
Hello everyone...added 3 pictures from today. As I may look normal to you, I don't at the moment to myself or feel normal. My smile is still horrible (normal, but frustrating as I have conversations with people and can't smile...), my nose feels itchy and filled with gook...I can't clean it anymore then my nostrils (my doctor didn't even tell me it was ok to do so but if I didn't I would've gone CRAZY BY NOW!)

I do not know how many more days I can take of feeling just SO freaking uncomfortable. Anybody have any idea?

Another thing is the pealing on my's a little out of control and makes me feel very self conscious at the moment.

Yes, getting very frustrated if you can tell.

This is why I LOVE my doctor!!!! My nose feels so...

This is why I LOVE my doctor!!!! My nose feels so icky inside and I cannot blow it so it's been getting on my nerves so my doctor is seeing me in an hour to clean it out for me! Talk about AWESOME!!! As for the itchy situation it's lessened now...only really itchy a few times a day....not 24/7 anymore thank goodness! Will upload more pictures this weekend feel like I'm bombarding all of you with all these pictures haha!!! Xoxo

Just posting two more pictures of my progress. XO

Just posting two more pictures of my progress. XO

Hey guys haven't updated in a while! Well, NO MORE...

Hey guys haven't updated in a while! Well, NO MORE does get irratated but nothing saline spray can't fix. I'm getting my nose cleaned out again tomorrow by my doctor!

Only thing that's is bumming me out is seeing everyone's party pictures from college right now and I'm not really allowed to party till the end of the summer so that really sucks!

Will post pictures tonight or tomorrow xoxo

Hey guys. Uploaded new pictures! Things have...

Hey guys. Uploaded new pictures!

Things have gotten much, much better! My nose isn't itchy one bit, the only thing is it gets stuffy but I can live with that for a while! I went to a party last night which was my first time since my surgery, everyone didn't notice the change but I kept on getting compliments that I looked pretty which was very nice :)!

My cheeks are really swollen stick and of course, the nose is but its getting better and better everyday.

And my smile is 80 percent better!!!

Well enjoy the update pictures,


Hey everyone just giving quick update! EVERYTHING...

Hey everyone just giving quick update! EVERYTHING HAS BEEN GREAT! The only uncomfortable thing I have now is just feeling stuffy at times and since you cant blow your nose for a while it's not a pleasant smell but I love my nose more and more each day so not complaining one bit! I also sneeze A LOT now but since you shouldn't blow your nose I've been sneezing through my mouth which causes my throat to be sore but you got to do what you have to do!

I hope everyone is as happy as I am with results! I didn't do it for anyone but myself and none of my friends seem to notice (besides my close ones) but I feel soooo good in my own skin now and I believe it is worth it for ANYONE who critiques there nose everytime they look in the mirror or in pictures! Xo

Very VERY angry right now. For 3 weeks I've been...

Very VERY angry right now. For 3 weeks I've been careful have literally done nothing but go to school and do chores...tonight I decided to babysit and make some money! I told the mom I got rhinoplasty and the kids need to be careful and not bump my nose. Of course, the kid decides to stuff a teddy bear in my face and laughs not even apologizing saying his parents won't care that he touched my nose. I can't believe this happened to me I've been extra careful and I just am so pissed.

Hi everyone! I haven't written in this since the...

Hi everyone! I haven't written in this since the recovery process VERY EARLY ON! It is now 9 months since my surgery and if you are currently recovering now just know, it's all worth it. I don't even remember the uncomfortable months after surgery anymore, they were extremely uncomfortable, but that part is over and for the rest of my life I will not be self conscious about my nose. It looks very natural and still like me which is EXACTLY what I wanted, I don't really like the "fake nose, really skinny and unnatural look"

I am going to put 4 pictures of me now, tried to show every angle.

If you are recovering now and need advice feel free to write me here. Xo
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