Sculptra is Not an Innocent Product

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Three years ago I lost a lot of weight during my...

Three years ago I lost a lot of weight during my divorce. My face wrinkled so bad I took two sculptra treatments in my cheeks. They told me it was a semi-permanent filler and the effect would be gone in 6 months. One year later the first swellings started to appear and they are now two large swellings on each side of my cheeks. They turned blue and solid. In due time, at every spot in my face that was injected, a small bump appeared. The larger bumps in my cheeks have hardened (I am afraid to let peaople kiss me) and because of their weight they are starting to drop down and they give me a strange look. I am convinced Sculptra is not a safe product and I strongly advice you not to use it. I hope my bulps will dissapear but in my heart I am not sure.

Velthuis Kliniek

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