Breast Reduction, Mini Tummy Tuck Here is my Story... So Far...- Australia, AU

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So my journey marks 10 days until I have...

So my journey marks 10 days until I have my breast reduction and mini tummy tuck surgery. I do feel a bit weird sharing this but this is how I go all of my "insider" knowledge so I am going to give back.
Like many of you my breasts kinda grew overnight when I was a teenager and I think I went from 0 books to a D cup. I am currently a 12e and weigh about 69 kilos and 158cm. My surgeon reckons I should be able to go down to a c cup. So I find myself checking out everyones boobies ;)

Whilst I am there I am having a mini tummy tuck- would have loved a full one but just don't have enough skin. This will get rid of my excess skin from my 2 c-sections.... But only below my naval.

Today I had my anaesthetic pre-op which started to make it real.... But really I cant wait.

Stay tuned, I will put my before photos up next week.
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