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Highly recommended - Melbourne, AU

Breast Augmentation

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30 Nov 2016

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Highly recommended - Melbourne, AU

Dr Greensmith and his team at your breast were fantastic from the moment I sent an enquiry about a consultation. Dr Greensmith was informative at the initial consultation and gave me great guidance and understanding about the procedure and also what would work best for what I wanted out of getting breast augmentation. On the day of surgery I was very nervous, as expected, but the nurse, Dr Greensmith and also the anethatist were so positive that it was going to be such a positive experience. I was not kept waiting very long prior to surgery and I woke up with minimal pain. I am now 6 days post surgery and very happy with the result. I only hope more people can find out about your breast as I was one of the women who was prepared to go overseas for affordability but am so glad I was informed about your breast. Thank you Dr Greensmith and the team!