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Highly Recommend - Seattle, WA

Facial Reconstructive Surgery

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11 Oct 2016

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Highly Recommend - Seattle, WA

Dr. Bhrany performed a facial reconstruction after I had MOHS for basal cell carcinoma on my forehead and under my eye. In both places, the MOHS went deeper than expected. However, Dr. Bhrany beautifully closed both my forehead and the one under my eye. He was precise and made sure that it was done as well as possible. He is very warm, and constantly checked in with me pre, during, and post surgery to make sure I was happy with the work that he did. I would recommended him to anyone. To this day, when people see post MOHS pictures, but pre Dr. Bhrany's facial reconstruction they can not believe the results. Most people do not even realize that I had surgery! Thanks again!