Tuberous Breasts - 2kids - 29years - Short Petite Frame - High Wycombe, GB

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Ok so I have been waiting for my breasts to...

Ok so I have been waiting for my breasts to develop properly forever, they never did and I'll be honest I had no idea there was a name for my freak breasts. I had no idea anybody else had the same and I always felt ashamed and embarrassed about them. My ill fitting bra is almost a permanent fixture and for years I didn't even like seeing myself naked let alone anybody else. I decided at 23 I needed to sort this out after splitting with my long term boyfriend and being single I knew I was going to have problems with feeling comfortable around anyone. So I started making enquiries... Booked a few consultations and then I met somebody else and very quickly was pregnant. So.... That drew a line under that. I realised that pregnancy changes your breasts and thought it was wise to see what happens... Speed up to now and I have had two children and I'll be honest my tuberous breast deformity is no way as bad as it was. I expanded during pregnancy and breast feeding twice and went from a 34B to a 34E each time. Now I measure as a 32 D and most of it is stretched skin. All volume has been lost. Now it's time. I am not planning on having any more children and have worked hard to get back into shape. I am ready for this.


Good case wish pic

1st consultation

Ok, so just to fill you in - I first went to see Adrian Richards for a free consultation, I researched him, watched all of his YouTube videos etc and then went to see him. I was really nervous and going to see him was a big deal to me. I had been waiting my whole adult life to do this and it meant a lot. I read all of his reviews on here and thought he's the one that can fix this for me..... So consultation day came and I felt almost sick, I went in, filled in my forms and was speaking to one of the girls there before he came in... To say I was disappointed was an understatement. He wasn't nice at all. In fact he seemed annoyed that I was there for a free consultation, like he begrudged the fact that he even offered them. He was very brief, commented on my problem and offered me a sizing appointment and suggested 275cc as he was about to walk out of the room I started asking questions about the size and the treatment and he stopped me and turned around, he sat down and said "look, you have to understand that your case is extremely complicated." - I hope and it seems that I was unlucky to catch him on a bad day. I don't even have the courage to show my boyfriend my breasts and letting a stranger shoot me down and confirm how freakish they were left me feeling extremely embarrassed. He then changed his mind and told me that he wouldn't be able to treat me. He suggested that I see Mr Tyler and then he left. His nurse looked quite concerned. She went on to tell me how nice mr Tyler was and that he is the sought you would trust to look after your nan. This didn't help my thought process at the time. I waited outside and for the referral details and as I was sat there mr Richards walked past me and stopped to thank me for coming and smiled. The waiting area was full of people so I guess he has to be nice in front of other people. I felt awful and cried as I left the clinic.

2nd consultation

After dusting myself down after seeing mr Richards I went to see another surgeon in London Mr William Townley, for a second opinion. He was actually lovely and made me feel confident that there was some hope! He examined me and talked me through the procedure and what I was to expect. He even gave me some sizers to try on. Again he felt that 300cc would be the max that he would go and he suggested that my case wasn't complicated, but a challenge. He didn't believe that I had true tuberous breast deformity and a mild case which he felt could be corrected with an augmentation alone. I would definitely recommend him, his nature and ability to explain detail is brilliant. The only reason why I didn't go with him was because he couldn't show me any cases specific to the treatment of tuberous breast correction.

3rd Consultation

Back to my referral to Mr Tyler, from Adrian Richards. I met Mr M Tyler and found him to be very professional, his sense of humour made me feel a lot more relaxed. He suggested that I go with a full anchor lift, augmentation and areola reduction. Looking at 275cc, 250cc or even lower. He showed me a few before and after pictures of similar cases which I was impressed by. At the time I was still able to produce milk even though I had stopped breast feeding for 4 months. He suggested I come back in a year and look at the situation then. I felt quite content that he had treated people in my position before and I agreed to wait another year...

4th Consultation

1 year after I had met Mr Tyler I went to see him again. Between then and only a few weeks ago I had changed and lost further breast volume. He measured me again and thought very hard about the best way to treat me. He advised that I may have to compromise slightly and suggested that I may have to have surgery twice as I am at a greater risk of double bubble. He suggested that he didn't want to complete an anchor lift like he suggested before as he was concerned that I may then be left with scars that could be avoided. He suggested that we should try an augmentation first with an opportunity to revisit at a later stage to complete an areola reduction if I felt this was necessary. This would not only reduce the areola but lift the breast slightly and if there is a double bubble be able to go in again and help reduce this. I felt confident with this plan. It would essentially cost more to do it in this way but I think this approach is worth it. He asked me to play with some sizers at home and even suggested going to 200cc.


5th consultation - Size

So after playing with Rice bags ???? at home I realised that 300cc was way to much and 200cc seemed smaller then I am now in a way so felt, not pointless but I wouldn't want to go any lower than that. Trying on different tops, different colours it seemed actually quite ridiculous even contemplating size. What I need is shape. I realised that I am just going to let Mr Tyler choose the size at the time, I want the best shape with the least amount of issues and I trust that he knows what he is doing. During the consultation he re measured me again and decided on two implant sizes a 230cc and a 265cc he will try during surgery and see which one fits best. Overs. An oval implant shape, so as not to have much height which he believes will provide me with the best shape.... Nearly there....????

Today is the day.

.... I'm scared, excited, nervous and all the things in between. I have seen my surgeon and anaesthetist. And although on the way here to say I was sweating was an understatement, I now feel a little calm. My surgeon asked me to undress so that he can mark me up etc and again taking my top off in front of strangers and my boyfriend still filled me with deep embarrassment and my automatic response to cover up reminded me of why I'm here. Due to go in in about 2 hours... Eeek!

I'm alive!

All done. Surgery went well, had 265cc in my right and 235cc in my left. Feeling ok, a bit drowsy and sick but all to be expected. My anaesthetist is lovely and reassured me.. I cried when they were ready to take me down to theatre. I was so nervous. The staff were great and I stopped feeling nervous the moment I started walking down. I guess it was the build up and anticipation. I was talking to everyone whilst they were administering the GA and then I realised I wasn't making much sense and that's it. I woke up feeling like I had had the best sleep ever. Having two kids makes you appreciate that concept so much more. Pain wise, I haven't felt pain at all yet. I had local obviously before I came around and just taken some paracetamol now so we'll see! I'm 5 hours post op. ????

First night done

Good morning ladies and ladettes! First night done, I still have breasts. Not in any pain really. Just taking paracetamol. Just seen my surgeon, he explained that we have got a really nice shape and when the implants have dropped we will then see what needs to be done next. He thinks we may need to reduce the areola but will have to see - this is something we discussed at length previously and will happen once they have fully settled in. Maybe around Feb time 2017. Otherwise happy so far and will take some pics when I'm at home. Interesting to see what the car journey will be like!

The car journey

Ok so make sure your nominated driver can drive your car nicely. Bumps and turns are not pleasant! I felt like I had to hold my boobs to stop them falling off! Very strange sensation but not dissimilar to the car journey home when you have just gone through childbirth.... Still no particular pain, just taking paracetamol every now and again....

24 hours post op pics

My areolas are huge!!! I seriously hope this isn't a permanent thing because this is what I hate about my boobs the most. Although obviously we have discussed reducing these at a later stage.. You can see my scars which look relatively tidy. You can see the old fold too. Hopefully this isn't that visible when they drop.

Already a massive improvement

Numb, bored and Netflix

1 week post op! I've had very little discomfort. Certainly no pain. Today I feel more movable, the tape I had on has now come away (on its own) so I have taken that off. Which was a bit daunting at first but now it feels totally normal.

I feel good about my breasts, there, I said it. Good about my breasts. I've literally never said that before in my life, until now.

You have your ups and downs, it's not all fluffy clouds and rainbows. I have also had the more negative thoughts racing through my mind and this ladies, has been driving me insane. I think having the time off of work and kids leaves you with little to do other than over analyse about the amount of uncertainty lays before you. You still think, Did I choose the right surgeon, did he do the best job, did I settle for too smaller implant.. Are they going to drop... How am I going to feel when they do, what if they drop too much, what if I end up having just a larger version of what I had before. I've never felt so self obsessed.

On a practical note, my right areola and nipple are totally numb. I hope that this returns in time.
Through my t-shirt I only have one erecting nipple, but at least it sits in the right place!
Before, I would always be conscious of my nipples being in the right position when I attended the gym. Mainly because they were naturally hanging so low I had to manipulate them to sit higher up in my tight sports bra so I didn't look so bizarre. I'm sure nobody ever bothered to look at my nipples but I did and I hated them, especially when one had stayed in position but the other was a little less... Obedient.

For now so far, so good, and Bravo to Mr Tyler!

1 week post op pics

Adding photos take 3..

1x week post op pictures take 4 - they seriously need to fix this bug.

New woman!

Electric tits

After having no real pain at all for the whole week today I am uncomfortable. It's not a stabbing pain.. It's a sort of burning sensation, it's hard to describe. It's tingly and cold and hot. I have been doing more around the house.. Perhaps this is why, my surgical bra is uncomfortable so much that I have taken it off temporarily while I lay down. This morning as soon as I had woken up I felt like they have got bigger. They felt uncomfortable, like mr tyler had placed a good amount of deep heat cream into my breasts and it's only now they have started to feel the burn. I woke up and the negative feeling that I have got an infection had set in. After having a look, they don't seem bigger, certainly not swollen or red, the incisions look fine, there is no new bruising or anything that would suggest I have an infection. Perhaps it is the sensation coming back in my right breast.. in fact I can now feel my nipple being touched. And it's not pleasant. It feels similar to someone using sandpaper on your nipples.

No more metre wide Bap Gap!

So.. I feel quite normal, I had my post op appointment - nothing to report, all looking good, healing well blah blah. I'm quite happy with the results so far and each day I feel better and better. Although being patient isn't really my forte. Nevertheless... I have now noticed that I have lost my enormous 'bap gap'. Which is amazing! ????

Questions questions questions

Things I forgot to ask my surgeon at my post op review.

1) What type of exercise should I avoid when going back to the gym.
2) I have to wait 4 more weeks until I go back... Are you sure? Why 4 weeks?
3) when do I get to not wear my surgical bra?
4) No massaging?
5) No taping down implants?
6) My right breast is still a bit numb to cold and hot but I can feel pain. Why is that?

If anyone has the answers To any of the above comment below! Obvs I'm going to email him and ask for his advise! I'll let you know what he says!
Mr M Tyler

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