32 Year Old Mother of 4. Severe Divarication of the Recti - London, GB

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I have a wide divarication of the recti (hands...

I have a wide divarication of the recti (hands width) loose skin and stretch marks. I am booking my procedure within a week with Mr SA Mashhadi. I have been longing for this for 5 years and get a bit emotional to think it's actually going to happen. I intend to have a tummy tuck with lipo in two areas. I suffer with pcos so egar to get this done so I can focus on more weight loss as currently the pain is too unbearable.

Tummy tuck booked yayyyyy

So tummy tuck paid in full, still can't believe this is actually going to happen!! I don't think I will until I wake up after the op. Booked for end of Oct 14 (keeping exact date to myself), all that's left to do is have one last consultation to get my final questions answered and bits needed for after TT. I'm feeling a bit anxious/guilty about not being able to care for my kids the way they are use to after op, more so the baby (1yrs old). Any tips on looking after young kids after TT would be greatly appreciated. I will have help but this will only mainly be for two weeks and there after part time help. If I still find it hard I can always move back in with mummy for a week or two lol.
Ok it's late, my lids are heavy......... I will post up again a bit nearer to the big day

2nd consultation and pre-op bloods done

So had 2nd consultation with my surgeon today. He wanted to do an inverted t tummy tuck but I have now decided against that. I will be having a full TT, muscle repair, belly button reconstruction and lipo in two areas (upper abdominal and flanks). Got all my last questions out the way and feeling much more relaxed about the whole process. My only concern is not being able to care for my babies the way I wish. Bloods were also done today the only thing left to do is buy my CG (compression garment). 3 weeks and counting, finally looking forward to the summer lol

Anxious...... x_x

It's funny as I have been put under on four occasions and never worried but for some reason I'm getting nervous/anxious. Just checked the calendar and I got just under 3 weeks (butterflies). I have wanted this for like 6 years so I'm meant to be happy and joyful right??? I'm obsessed lol I spend every night on RS looking for similar stories and body/belly. I do wonder about my results and I don't know how much is normal fat and what is visceral fat?! I am not expecting a wash board stomach just not to look pregnant and an improvement to my belly button. To do this and be unhappy with results would be heartbreaking...... I think I'm experiencing cold feet? Loool roll on the next few weeks

Count down begins 1 week 6 days

The days are dragging, I just want it to hurry up and arrive so I can be done with this constant nervey feeling....
I was quite upset as my partner was only able to get 3 days off work 1st week and 3 days 2nd week. To say the least I went into panic mode! Thanx to my lovely big sister she will stay over the four days my partner won't be around so that's 24hr help for the 1st week. The 2nd week however will be a bit trickier. My mum doesn't live too far away so they can stay at mums during the day and I'm hoping I will be mobile enough to move a little myself. Worse case senerio another sister lives two minutes away and can pop in and see on me. For anyone who has had a FTT how long before you felt "semi" normal ?? Until you could make say a 30min journey (walking) . I ordered my CG (not cheap -_- ) and wondering if I ordered the right size? I bought one size smaller than I wear now. I got the panty/knicker line one not the shorts as I have a big bottom half and if it's tight on tummy it 100% wouldn't fit over my thighs (vice versa). I'm also wondering how my belly button will look. It's an outtie and has been since birth so not a hernia from pregnancy. I would love an innie but my PS says he will try his best. The count down continues........


Am I the only one that seems to find hidden charges popping up everywhere??? For example my price paid was a package price and included over night stay.... Now I receive an email with instructions to follow prior to op and I am informed that if a 2nd day is needed (hospital stay) I will incur another 4 bills like wtf! My finances were stretched to the limit paying what I have so looks like ima be selling the hairs on my f.... Any buyers? Lool

Wish pics ............ 1 week 3 days

Excuse the dodgy editing lol I'm no photo shop expert and only have ten mins sooo......This is what I'm hoping to achieve.... Lipo in flanks & upper abdominal and MR. Had a tiny waist before kids and hoping it's still there some where

Wish picture

Wish pics ............ 1 week 3 days
11 Oct 2014 9 days pre
Excuse the dodgy editing lol I'm no photo shop expert and only have ten mins sooo......This is what I'm hoping to achieve.... Lipo in flanks & upper abdominal and MR. Had a tiny waist before kids and hoping it's still there some where

ONE WEEK TO GO!!!!!!!!

One week left, admission time given and first on the list which is good as less stressing on the day. I keep dreaming about waking up from the op and looking for my compression garment. Think I will start my over night bag can anyone suggest useful items to pack? I will only be there one night mind you. I will upload afew more before picz before the big day.

6 daysssssssssss

Every single night for the past 5 nights I dream I've had the TT. It's consuming my thoughts lol even when I'm sleeping! It's been great reading the journeys of others on here but now I'm so close to my date it makes me feel sick lol. I'm going to try and keep myself busy, spring clean the whole house etc. lately my partner has been seriously slacking in support around the house and with kids. I had a go at him and asked is this how it will be after my op? I'm telling you this guy is going to make my house mice infested!!!! He does nothing! Had our washing machine 5 years... Ask him if he knows how to use it??? Grrrrr the after op
Care will make or break us!!! -_-

4 days left OMG!!!!

Four days left, I've lost my appitite and got a funny tummy :( definitely my nerves..... Gona spend the weekend with family to keep my mind off things and do a few activities I won't be able to do in a while. I feel so uneasy with the fact I have to rely on people to care for me and the kids, I'm so not use to that and that will be the hardest thing. I have 7 siblings so really I should be ok, I just hate to ask for help. Hope I will have some good pictures to share with you guys after op and my review helps others on their journey.

2 days left wow!!!!

Today I'm feeling a little less anxious and a little more happier. I'm all set and ready to go. I keep stretching/ pulling/rolling my fat imagining how I will look afterwards. I pray I am pleased with results overall, especially incision scar and belly button. Bit annoyed my stretch marks come over my belly button so I will be waking up with some left. Will prob post enroute to hospital then after that my next update will be on that flat size.... Wish me luck folks

I did it!!! Well done me!

PS found a small hernia (thanx NHS) but he fixed it. Went to theatre at about half 8 and out by 11 (I think, pretty out of it lol). Pain isn't too bad ladies I've had worse periods. No way I can take pics right now n feeling a lil nauseous so will keep it short. I'm on the flat side yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pics ASAP x

2 days post-op

Day one was spent in hospital, staff were lovely and extremely helpful (High Gate Private Hospital). Pain was tolerable would say the hardest thing was having to move especially all the toilet trips from all the iv fluids I had pumped into me. Meds made me nauseous thankfully I wasn't sick but wasn't able to each much the first day. The leg massage machines were annoying, kept waking me up outa my sleep lol but obviously they have their uses.

2nd day I spent in hospital until 3pm. I tell you, each time you get up gets easier. So much pressure on my bladder when I need to go I need to go and I'm walking so slow I just may well wet myself one day. Drains were good so were removed before I left (yes it hurts but nurse done half at a time to allow me to compose myself). I can now get out of bed by myself. I sleep with a bean bag behind me (perfect as balls help you to shuffle along) and pillow under legs. My hubby has been wonderful, I'm surprised how well his stepped up! Kids are very understanding but laugh when I walk. Big sis is also here doing the cooking, cleaning, house work etc. I can't thank everyone enough I feel like a burden lol. I'm still breastfeeding my youngest (Breast and bottle) so my Breast are engorged and don't have a pump.... Milking myself like a cow. I got so much different medication which I will continue to take but after antibiotic are completed will cut back on pain killers so I can resume Breast feeding (will feed just before pill is due and I only feed him at night). MR feels awfully tight I need to be so careful and get winded very easily. Insition has been burning on the left side is this normal??? I try my best to be hunched over but my back is killing already. How long before you try to sit up straight???

I go for a wound check in 9 days if all is ok and will take pictures then. Right now I wanna stay strapped up, feel to vulnerable. I hope I will have some improvement to belly button I have hid it all my life would love to show it off #FingersCrossed

3 days post-op

Day 3 pretty much same as day 2. Not being able to shower is killing me I'm a very clean person lol. The CG, Binder then normal clothing means you sweat so can not wait for the all clear to shower. I can see swelling has started so have a boxed look but belly is still a lot flatter than pre-op so I'm optimistic about my results. Anxious to see belly button results, amount of stretch marks left and how low scar will be. Sooooo..... I can feel meds kicking in so I'm feeling nauseous and drowsy. I find it best to go sleep at these points so at this point I'm outtie lol

5 days post-op

Coughed today OMG!!!!!! Tried to do a number two OMG!!!!! Lol. I'm still taking PKs but I honestly think I could go without and will try doing that tomorrow. Been away from the baby 5 days and it's killing me 1 and a half days TIL I have him back


When swelling/pain gets you down remember where you came from.

5 weeks 1 day updated

So it's been 5 weeks and been a long bumpy road. From starting my period 4 days after surgery, week later developing gastroenteritis and now spitting threads. In all recovery is going well and happy with results but this spitting thread business (thread coming through incision) is horrendous. It feels like I have a needle under my skin trying to poke though and have this in about 6 places. My surgeon just said to leave it and it will dissolve but damn I can't wear my CG with this pain and two weeks in im losing my patience!!!!! I can only wear loose baggy clothes n I have to wear binder above incision. Has anyone had theses issues and what did you do?? All is well
So shouldn't be seeing surgeon until early January. a part from that my tummy is majorly flat and I still have swelling so although I still can't wear a bikini (damn you Stretchmarks) I will look killer in a bodycon dress. I was disappointed about how many stretchmarks I had left but looked back on old pictures to remind myself how my tummy use to look and I've come very far. Well I have had four big babies (two over 8lbs, two over 9lbs) so I put my poor tummy through hell lol. Once it all settles I will be tattooing over remaining stretchmarks and scar and yes will update with pics of that too but that will be in a year plus time. Anyways here's a pic.... Been debating weather to put it up so here goes.... Might remove it later though

3/4 months post op

Time has flown and feeling great. I still get a large amount of swelling which hides the full effect but hoping it doesn't last that much longer. Stretch marks have settled by about 50% percent which I'm over the moon about. I am getting a custom made tattoo to cover them and yes will share when the time comes. Scar can be sore and is quite raised but I was told scar is great for darker skinned person (we tend to scar worse vs white skin) Will continue with silicone scar treatment. Will update again in April

One more picture

Loving it ????????????????????????????????????

4/5 months post op concerns creeping in.....

swelling comes and goes, scar is extremely sensitive and raised but silicone sheets seem to be helping. My main issue is a ditch that has appeared below belly button. I haven't lost any weight not started working out yet so it's very strange. The area seems to get deeper by the week so I'm growing more concerned. I see surgeon on 20th May but I do wonder how this will be fixed??? Reopened? Lipo fat graft ? Nothing? Anybody experienced this? If I do need to be reopened I will ask if scar can be lowered I do think it's on the high side.
London Plastic Surgeon

First consultation went wonderful and he put my mind at ease. I can tell he has A* bedside manner. I will see him again at my pre-op appointment. 2nd consultation decided against inverted T TT just a standard ftt with lipo 2 areas and to TRY and improve my belly button. He was very busy that day but still took the time to answer my questions. He's a real delight and actually cares about what I hoped to achieve (although their not always realistic lol). I look forward to my procedure and I am not scared of the op and confident in Mr Mashhadi's abilities. just the recovery process has me a bit anxious

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