Six Years After Lap RnY, No Regrets. Lots of Changes to Deal With, but No Regrets.

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Had Lap RnY in July 2004. Wonderful surgeon....

Had Lap RnY in July 2004. Wonderful surgeon. Saintly nursers. No complications. Can eat anything I choose (for better or worse). Lost 100 pounds in 9 months, regained 40 after 3-4 years by not following the pouch rules.

The hardest part of surgery is getting your head on straight. I did a lot of head work pre-surgery but not enough. Had a brief run-in with too much alcohol early in my second year post op. Luckily, my hubby talked sense into me and I kicked that with his help.

Early into my 5th year post op, I was feeling exhausted, fat, grumpy and just 'icky'. I did some honest self evaluation and realized I'd forgotten or ignored what I had to do to take care of my tummy, my whole body, and my mind. I started regularly taking my vitamins and slowly being aware of my food intake. Added regular exercise a few months later.

Now, looking at my 6 year anniversary, I've re-lost 30 pounds. By following the rules, eating healthy and exercising daily, it looks like I'm going to get below my lowest post-surgery weight. I've never felt healthier or stronger. I've worked hard on my lifestyle changes these past few months, but I KNOW that I couldn't have done this without surgery. I love knowing that with a well chosen and small meal, I will feel satisfied. I NEVER felt 'full' before surgery and no matter how much head work I've done, I am still grateful that I can depend on my pouch to "back me up".

Would I recommend this to friends? I hesitate. It's a HUGE risk. But I was at a point where dying on the operating table was preferable to living the way I was. I wanted to enjoy my life and my 3 small children. I got a second chance at a quality life. And then, I gave myself a second-second chance by FINALLY working the "tool" the way it was meant to be used. I'm one lucky and grateful gal!

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