Six Years After Lap RnY, No Regrets. Lots of Changes to Deal With, but No Regrets.

Had Lap RnY in July 2004. Wonderful surgeon....

Had Lap RnY in July 2004. Wonderful surgeon. Saintly nursers. No complications. Can eat anything I choose (for better or worse). Lost 100 pounds in 9 months, regained 40 after 3-4 years by not following the pouch rules.

The hardest part of surgery is getting your head on straight. I did a lot of head work pre-surgery but not enough. Had a brief run-in with too much alcohol early in my second year post op. Luckily, my hubby talked sense into me and I kicked that with his help.

Early into my 5th year post op, I was feeling exhausted, fat, grumpy and just 'icky'. I did some honest self evaluation and realized I'd forgotten or ignored what I had to do to take care of my tummy, my whole body, and my mind. I started regularly taking my vitamins and slowly being aware of my food intake. Added regular exercise a few months later.

Now, looking at my 6 year anniversary, I've re-lost 30 pounds. By following the rules, eating healthy and exercising daily, it looks like I'm going to get below my lowest post-surgery weight. I've never felt healthier or stronger. I've worked hard on my lifestyle changes these past few months, but I KNOW that I couldn't have done this without surgery. I love knowing that with a well chosen and small meal, I will feel satisfied. I NEVER felt 'full' before surgery and no matter how much head work I've done, I am still grateful that I can depend on my pouch to "back me up".

Would I recommend this to friends? I hesitate. It's a HUGE risk. But I was at a point where dying on the operating table was preferable to living the way I was. I wanted to enjoy my life and my 3 small children. I got a second chance at a quality life. And then, I gave myself a second-second chance by FINALLY working the "tool" the way it was meant to be used. I'm one lucky and grateful gal!

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