Lower Bleph Done and I Am Not Sure if I Should Have

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I need your help. I got a lower transconjunctival...

I need your help. I got a lower transconjunctival bleph done about 3 1/2 weeks ago. My dr. said that this is what he thought was best for me. That he would only take out a very small amount of fat that was causing the bags. I beleive he did, however, my eyes look extrememly hollow now and the circles are even worse than before. Mind you, my eyes were hollow before all of this, but nearly as bad.

I do believe that the fat removed does look better, because there was defintley ridges under my eyes that made me look tired, but now my tear troughs are really bad. I am not sure if fat should have been removed, or if I should have just had fat injected. I am pretty sure I need some kind of filler.

I did this procedure to look younger. My eyes made me look so much older than I am. I am only 32. I was so excited to get this done thinking it was the right thing to do, but now I can't even look in the mirror. Feeling so bad right now.

Question is, how long must I wait? Can I be fixed?...

Question is, how long must I wait? Can I be fixed? I am really scared I made a poor decision. I really have faith in this dr, but I am not liking the results. I have a 4 week folow up tomorrow. I would just like to be educated going in. -- Updated on Nov 23, 2009: I want to know how long I must wait to see the full effects of this surgury. I am almost certain it is not going to turn out how i expected. My tear trough is so defined, I don't see how it is going to get better. Please tell me what I should do. I am scared to death.
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So far, i would only because has been upfront from the beginning, however, depending on how this all turns out, i may change my mind.

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