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Hi everybody. I would like to share with you me...

Hi everybody. I would like to share with you me ,,acne experience" :/ I'm 29 years old. For last 2 years my skin get so so bad. I try everything. All kind of products, good few specialist. I spent fortune! And wasn't worth it! Nothing helps me. I actually had no face. It was for me very depressing time I couldn't go out because It was really bad. So embarrassing and got feeling like everyone watching me :( worse moment was look into mirror :( so... My friend she is very into herbal natural stuff. First of all she told me to absolutely do not use any product recommend by doctors friend whatever.... Well she was right because my skin get even worse and I my natural skin protection was gone. And that's even make your skin worse. Trust me. She send me to herbal shop to get a TEA TREE OIL! That's one of the strongest herbs. I start using, applying every night before I went sleep. Believe me or not it took me maybe 6 weeks to clear my skin. Completely clear. For me it was like a miracle. And cost me only a €6.00. After all my acne was gone I had some acne scars so I use it honey( it has to be the organic one) or you can use lemons, baking soda... So that's cost you another €6.00 ;) I spend on my treatment about €15 girls and boys and I never ever use any more of this other products it's one big waste of your money and time and skin to! For the future look up in the internet for some natural ways to fix your problems. Power it's in the herbs! And cost u almost nothing and really helps! So good luck everybody! I feel pretty and I love mirror again ha!
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