30 F Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty - Henderson, NV

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I'm 30 years old and wanted a nose job since I can...

I'm 30 years old and wanted a nose job since I can remember myself. I never had my nose broken, but it looks like i broke it a couple times :)) I'v been researching plastic surgeons for awhile now and I believe that i definitely found the perfect one.
As for my boobs, well I was never unhappy with my natural boobies, but there were a few things I wished I could change about them. My right breast is smaller and it is noticeable. Also i wanted them to be maybe just a bit bigger... like one cup size more. I'm a 32D in Victoria Secret bras and i'd like to be a 32DD. After my consultation with Dr. Khorsandi i was very happy with it and I was confident in his ability to make me look how i always wanted to look. The staff was very nice and friendly. I booked the surgery date pretty much 2 days after the consultation because i had to check if ill be able to get the time off from work. So the surgery date was about 3 weeks after the consultation .

Surgery day

After i booked the surgery day I was ecstatic . I wasnt nervous at all. My husband was thinking that it's pretty weird that even the night b4 the surgery I wasnt nervous at all. I was actually excited. I made sure not to eat or drink anything after 10pm. We had to wake up around 5:30 am and arrived at the medical center at 6am because surgery was scheduled for 7am. The staff was very friendly and nice. Around 6:40 am Dr. Khorsandi did some measurements on my nose and breasts and soon after that i was taken to the surgery room where the Dr asked me what kind of music I wanted to listen :) I thought that was very nice. Too bad I fell asleep pretty quick and didnt get to listen to the cool song. A few seconds later (actually 3 hrs later) I woke up and the nurse was talking to me. Cant really remember much , but i did wake up feeling no pain at all. I waited in the recovery room for probably 30 min. My husband was next to me talking to the nurse about all the post op care. Soon after that the nurse wheeled me out to the car nd we drove home. All and all my experience at the medical center was good and the surgeon was awesome!!

recovering after breast augmentation and rhinoplasty

The recovery was brutal mainly because of the breast augmentation, but it wasnt unbearable. The only really painful thing was peeing after the surgery. I was screaming ... it felt like i was peeing razor blades and the reason for that was the catheter that they had to put in because the surgery was so long. Seriously i hope i never ever have to feel that feeling ever again!!! it probably lasted for 5-6 "pee sessions" each one as bad as the previous one. Other than that everything was alright. I definitely thought rhinoplasty was going to give me the most pain. Oh boy, was I wrong... Breast augmentation hurt me far more. I actually had no pain from my nose, only the uncomfortable feeling of having something inside my nose and the itching from the splint. I was still able to breathe thru my nose for the 1st 4-5 days after the surgery. The 6 and 7th day my nose was stuffed with mucus and i had to breathe just thru my mouth. Breasts on the other hand were really painful . I couldnt do anything by myself.My husband had to put me in bed and get me out of bed. Walk with me to the bathroom nd even pull my panties off and on because any pulling or pushing with my arms was instant pain in my boobs. That lasted for almost 2 days after surgery. After that i still needed help to get out of bed. I had to sleep elevated, I actually still do.. even on my 11th day post op and I will continue sleeping like this for at least a couple weeks probably.

splint off :)

day 8th post op I had my stitches, packing and splint removed. I didnt enjoy that at all. It was kinda painful, but still sooo worth it :) Dr K was pleased with his work and I cant express how happy I was to see my new nose for the first time. I know its very swollen and it will take awhile for the final result, but i already love it. It is very tender and im trying to be extra careful when washing my face. The doctor recommended that i tape my nose every night to avoid farther swelling, but I tape it even during the day because i still dont need to wear any makeup for a few more weeks. Breasts are still swollen and hard, but I'm patient because they look very good :) My husband has been helping a lot because I still cant do much around the house because of the breasts. I cant even cut an onion ...so he's been also cooking :) I guess getting breast augmentation was a very good idea ;)

1 month post Rhinoplasty and Breast Augmentation

Feeling ok. Nose is still very tender. I tape it every night and most days. Boobies are feeling better, but im still taking it easy.

7 weeks post rhinoplasty update

Nose is still tender , especially the tip. Putting foundation on my face is frustrating because my skin has been very oily ever since my surgery, but the skin on my nose is peeling off even though its oily. So weird. Good thing I dont have to work yet. I would hate to be in front of people with my skin looking like such a mess. Makeup looks ok just for the first 5 min. I hope my skin will go back to normal soon. Also my right nostril is a bit smaller and i cant breath as good as i can thru my left one, but the doc told me its because the right nostril is more swollen inside.. I just have to be patient . Which I am ...well I'm trying to be. Everything else is fine :) Loving my new nose.

7 weeks post Breast Augmentation update

I'm finally feeling better.. I can lift my arms all the way up. I can pick up my dogs(35lbs) and play with them. Boobies still feel like a foreign object, but i know i'll get used to them soon. They are getting a bit softer and dont hurt as much :) yay. On my last visit doc Khorsandi cleaned the remaining glue (or whatever that was) of my incisions and put steri-strips over them. I think my incisions arent too big, which makes me happy. I tend to scar badly so the doc said that on my next post op visit he'll recommend something to take care of the scars and minimize them. I'm not really worried though because the breasts cover the scars anyway.
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

Simply the best. I knew from the 1st consultation that he was the right surgeon for me. Very friendly and patient , answered all my questions. The day of the surgery he was awesome too. Definitely happy with my choice .

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