Helps the Angry Look

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I have that angry look due to a deep verticle...

I have that angry look due to a deep verticle groove above the nose area into the forehead. I am a happy person that always looks intense by default. I had a botox injection once that did not work that was done by an Opthamologist.

Years later now I decided to go back to a different doc and he has hired tecs that do the injections. They had a special pricing and they did say that it was important to keep up with it every few months. It is not a one shot deal. As you do it, more and more, you will need it less often and the time spread in between injections will be greater.

The first injection worked but did not last more than a month. I guess I have a very strong muscle but they were suppose to factor that into the amount of the first dose when they made the initial evaluation. I returned to the office and they gave me another injection at a reduced rate. This one is better. I did have them concentrate on the main deep groove as I did not want all my expression line to disappear. I do want some expression.

The injections are fast and the pain is minimal.They target the muscles on both sides with several injections. I wish there was something that was easy that was more permanent but there is not. I am pleased with the result as I do not look so angry anymore.

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