IPL Hair Removal Ella Bache - Helensvale, QLD, Australia

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I'd been shaving at least my face once a day for...

I'd been shaving at least my face once a day for the last 18 or so years and finally plucked up the courage to give this a go. Even though I knew it would be expensive, my main reluctance was that I'd heard so many stories about people being burned and scarred as a result, as my skin is rather photosensitive this was a huge concern. I went in for a consult and was honest about all the medications and medical conditions that I have, and was sure to tell the technician as well that I am photosensitive. I made the decision to start treatment immediately as she informed me that she would start on a very low setting. I was also told that because we were going to be using a much lower setting that it could take longer for me to see results.

The results though have been amazing! I have had 3 sessions so far, and have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of facial hair (I did have a full beard rather awkward for a woman), so much so that some days I don't need to shave. The settings were increased for the second visit, but as I told her that I'd had some redness afterwards, she lowered the settings straight away.

I have paid $600 for 6 sessions, and have found it to be money well worth spending.

My biggest piece of advice would be to be completely honest about any medical conditions/medications. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions. :)

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