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Greetings I see this is were to go for questions...


I see this is were to go for questions and advice. I will be very transparent here because it seems to produce the most helpful response. I'm fat I am 5'4 217. ( wow 217) I want to feel pretty again I am just so ashamed of how I look. Yes I could and will lose weight and eat right but let's be honest if diet and exercise could produce the results we want in a snap of the fingers then w would all do it. My biggest problem areas are my stomach, arms, neck and back. I carry all my weight up top.

So let's get to it. I have been working with Shape Cosmetics in Hazel Crest IL, everyone there is nice. Was originally quoted 6500 for my entire back. Which is fine but it doesn't really help I'm worried that having a smooth flat back with a large hanging stomach will make me look worse or it might get rid of some of this box like shape I have. I don't know. I would love to hear your thoughts about it.
Now the office does not give you much information to go on like what kind of liposuction is being done what to eat or what not to eat, nothing about recovery. Maybe that comes once you pay.

So I have also been researching Dr. Manon in DR. HIs work is amazing, price is right, and I will come out with everything I want done ( bbl, tt, lipo) for 5200. Sounds good! Well I'm a single mom it would be hard to leave my kid for 10 days. I would worry about risk in another country. And I'm so confused by these recovery houses

So has anyone gone to shape cosmetics before?

What are good, great amazing recovery houses in DR. Must speak ENGLISH???

And mothers how was it leaving your kid for 10 days
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