Upper Blepharoplasty and Left Ptosis Repair - Hawthorn, AU

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Hooded eyes are still manageable with makeup at 55...

Hooded eyes are still manageable with makeup at 55. Not thrilled, but in a world where so many don't have the chance to even grow up, have been determined not to grumble (too much, anyway). Deal breaker was the "can't be bothered to stay fully open" attitude of the left eyelid. Philosophy gave way to vanity real quick (not dwelling on that one), and when the surgeon had a cancellation three days after the first consult I just about jumped on that operating table! All went according to plan and any discomfort was easily managed with Endone. Surgeon is sick today, so off to GP tomorrow just to check extra swelling and tenderness on L lid isn't an issue.

Sutures out!

Saw surgeon this morning. Removed sutures (no worse than having a few brow hairs plucked post waxing), and ???? confirmed left eye has secondary infection so oral antibiotics for a few weeks. Did not like having the lid probed to release pus eek!!! and relieved there was none to extirpate. Overall, he says results are good, so hoping the antibiotics work their magic. Still sore, but Tylenol is all that's needed.

Day 9

Less energy than I'd like, but antibiotics working on the problem child left eye, and beyond thrilled with the right eye outcome.

Day 11 and not quite daring to get excited.

Bit of an eye-roll when I think about it, but I've approached this whole thing as a purely physical process. In my head all is as it should be, but in the mirror it's not quite so straightforward. Astonished at the improvement in the right eye (the good student who gets an A+ for healing), I'm almost scared to get excited in case the left eye (sickly student who's falling behind in class), never catches up. Nuts or what? Last time my right eye looked like this I didn't ever, not even once look at it appreciatively or admiringly, because it was just my eye and I couldn't imagine it'd ever sag or wrinkle because, get real, that stuff only happens to old people. Hear that? It's the Fates laughing:) Wondering...do other people have this weird anxiety? I'd love to know.

Critical patience/humour/reasonableness failure!

Day 14 and the infection's nearly resolved in the left suture line but the swelling's still too obvious to tell how the ptosis repair went. Patience is in short supply right now and I'm wondering if it's because I'm using it all up waiting for healing to just get its g-d head in the game and let me get back to real life. Yesterday was uber, uber frustrating with no less than four (count em) hours on the phone trying to solve a problem with a government department. Was surprised at how uncharacteristically angry, not irritable, but angry I grew after an hour into my little bureaucracy odyssey. Finally sorted, the last straw was later during a support chat with a parcel delivery service who, after failing to understand the interface issue through three rephrasings, insisted their site was iPad compatible but that I just needed to switch browsers from Safari. Then ended the session without another word. I melted down. Curiously tears were sparse but I wept like a thwarted toddler. Few hours later my husband cautiously smiled when I erupted with laughter at how I'd so inexplicably and comprehensively lost it over nothing really important. So, I'm putting it down to the myriad little adjustments of the journey taking their toll. Wasn't expecting *quite* as much mental turbulence though:)

Day 14 "The Little Engine That Could"

Well, the little left eye that could (I think I can, I think I can) anyway.

Day 21 is makeup day!

Vanity/Inanity Alert!
All clear from surgeon's rooms to wear mascara and eyeshadow. Have followed advice from others here about using new products to lessen risk of infection. Three makeup orders (so far) from different points of the globe are testament to my conscientious adherence to the advice;) Really.
Wondering if the left eye's ever going to catch up but so, so, so pleased at how easy it was to put on eye makeup this morning. Tight lining was strange. Went to pull the lid up to expose the lash line and there was nothing to pull up! After a moment's confusion figured out the lash line's now accessible without crazy-weird contortions of the lid! Hello lash lines, can't tell you how much you've been missed:) Wasn't expecting any discomfort but blending out the world's most nervously placed crease colour on the good eye was sore enough to make me *very* careful thereafter. Bit of a headache now too but couldn't care less coz: Eyeliner's amazing! Just used a push brush with a dark colour but again, went to streeeetch out the lid and nothing needed stretching. And, and, so exciting, no skipping or disappearing. Really hope the left eye does the right thing, but even if it doesn't the ability to get eye makeup done quickly and just get out the door makes the surgery a great time investment. Happy days.

Comparison Picture

Before and day 21

38 Days!

Saw the surgeon last week. Ptosis eye had been feeling gritty for a while. It was an on and off thing which I fully expected to go into hiding for the appointment, but bless its droopy little heart, ten minutes from the rooms it started stinging and swelling and watering like it was a gold medal event! Surgeon poked around, sorry, palpated;), checked for scratches etc, and happily found nothing obvious. Cortisone ointment at night has all but wiped out the discomfort and boy do those suture lines love it! Healing so much faster. Six to twelve months before I know whether ptosis repair successful, but strangely unconcerned about asymmetry. Almost pales in significance compared with the overall improvement in appearance:) Go figure.

Comparison Photo

Days 21 and 38. Am I imagining a slight, almost imperceptible improvement in the ptosis eye? Perhaps...possibly... Lashes on the ptosis eye are noticeably sparser though. Odd.

Botox Wasn't Fun

Well tomorrow's six weeks since surgery, and it was time to top up the Botox and hide that scowling, frighten little children frown thing I do all the time. Those little stings above the arch of the brow? They're much bigger stings when they hit "SURPRISE!!! you didn't know I was here" swelling. Wouldn't have gone for another few weeks but I'm on a schedule for my son's wedding in March. And yes, I know how that sounds:) The things we do...

It's been 18 months!

Still worth it? Yep.
Problems since last update: zero.
Perfect results? Er, no....
Do it again? In a heartbeat.

Ptosis hasn't improved as much as I hoped. Would have liked 70-80%, but guessing it's in the 40-50% range. Oddly, not terribly disappointed though, it's still night and day looking at before and afters. Plastic surgeon recently evened up the brows with Botox, so thats a help.

Not to be outdone, the other eye has something funky going on just near the start of the moveable lid. Two tiny puckers of skin developed at around the one year mark. Much less noticeable with a bit of makeup, much more noticeable in a 10x mirror:)

Wasn't expecting:
More crocodile skin. All that loose skin snuggling up pre surgery concealed how lined and cross hatched the lid was. No more! Seems their days in the shade are over. Again, 10x is frightful, but necessary to avoid blinding myself with lash curlers and mascara wands, although I give blinding myself a good nudge anyway some days...

Will post some pics in the next little while.

18 month photo

From passport photo aka least flattering image possible, taken two days ago. Ptosis still alive and well, vision worse in this eye, and it's prone to unpredictable swings between scratchy dryness and "let's test that foundation" watering. Looking around RealSelf it seems ptosis can be quite recalcitrant, so thinking about trying another procedure.
Rodger Davies

Very pleased with his work, and staff are importantly, both friendly and professional. Day 7 Coda: Poor man came in even though he was ill to remove sutures (surgical nurse could've handled it), and check infection site (already under treatment from GP). This is above and beyond what I expect and what I've experienced in the past. (Following a complicated, open, hip replacement it was disconcerting and more than a little frightening to be left without specialist support following rehospitalisation for a rare and unpleasant complication). Dr. Davies and his meticulous, capable, caring team demonstrate optimum patient centred pratice that's robust enough to withstand unscheduled, inconvenient challenge.

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