45 Year Old, Eyelid Surgery, Upper and Lower Blephs - Hawthorn, AU

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Well after years (7) of contemplating Upper and...

Well after years (7) of contemplating Upper and Lower Bleph I finally did it but not without hesitation. I have been having Restlynne injected in the tear trough for the last 6 years to disguise the look of the small puffy bags and it has been great, however over the last few years have found i'm needing it more often and I knew that it was just a matter of time before I took the plunge. The forum on this site has been amazing to read all the reviews and outcomes. I visited 2 Ocularplastic Surgeons in Hawthorn before deciding on my chosen one. I jumped from wanting both uppers and lowers done to chickening out and thinking just tops first and then bottoms down the track. However after much consideration and down time required, I decided to bit the bullet and go with both!!!! YIKES!!! I was feeling very calm about the whole procedure having been all over the complications and stories on the forum here, I felt I was very aware of what lied ahead of me with regards to healing etc. What I wasn't prepared for was my mild freak out whilst talking to the anaesthetic Doctor, for a moment whilst laying there as she discussed my surgery, I was thinking, was I so vain that here I am going into surgery to fix something that my husband didn't think was an issue, my kids thought I was crazy and were worried about me, what if I didn't come out???? Thankfully my Surgeon arrived around about that time Dr. Roger Davies. A man of a very view words! But after a quick chat to him I felt calmer and was taken straight into theatre, drifting off to sleep. Woke up 2.5 hours later thinking that I had been well and truly hit by a truck!! Happy to be awake but worried about the pain I was then feeling and how I would cope!!. After icing the face for 1 hour the gorgeous Nurse moved me across to the chair to call my husband to collect me, As i sat in the chair waiting for him to arrive all I could feel was both eyes leaking down my face. I felt that I must look like Frankenstein's bride! Pain was a little less than it was when I first woke up and I headed home early afternoon. I was prescribed Endone for the pain, however, I did not need to take i. On the first night, 2 panadol did the trick and I spent the remainder of the day on the couch with regular icing as prescribed by the surgeon. Definitely looks much worse than it feels. Surprisingly, not much pain at all. Will post pictures with regular updates.

Photos Day 1 - 4

Here are the photos I promised, the first top left is on the day of the procedure, day 1, second right day 2, bottom left day 3 and bottom right day 4. You can see a rapid improvement from day 2 to 4! Left eye in day four is recovering slower than right, overall so far thrilled with what I'm seeing.

Day 6

Visit back to surgeon today to have stitches out, glad to see him as I'm quite concerned about left eye, it's very red and swollen and sore. It doesn't seem to be draining well and filling up with tears. RD was very happy with results thus fur and not concerned about left eye at all. He reminds me it's only day 6. Stitches taken out from upper and lower but sides staying in another week. Swelling overall still there but not too much bruising .

Day 6 and 7

Updated photos, as you can see the left eye still more swollen than right, getting frustrated at its lack to co-operate with the right eye! Day 7 eye feels a little better with the stitches out. Let the healing begin.

Day 12

Back to surgeon to have side stitches out, very happy to see him as still worried about left eye. Have been prescribed cortisone to speed up its healing. Eye was very sore and burning over the weekend day 9-12 but found that refresh eye drops from pharmacy had helped incredibly. RD says I should notice a big difference in next few days. Although he thinks I'm being to impatient ???? Which after looking at the photos and seeing it's only 12 days, I would have to agree with him. Must remember that. Still no make up allowed ????.

2 weeks post

Today marks day 15 post op. Thrilled with results so far. So happy I did both upper and lower at the same time. Can't wait to see in another month or so.. Before surgery and after day 15 shot.

5 weeks post op

Was travelling along very nicely until about 3.5 weeks into recovery. Noticed lower left eye started to droop. Contacted surgeon who booked me in immediately to go in. It appears there seems to be some scar tissue causing bulge. Had a bit of poking and prodding not sure exactly what he was doing, a steroid injection and 2 stitches into the lid to pull it back up. Left very bruised and sore. Follow up visit at week 5 to have stitches out and thankfully no more drooping eye. More steroid cream to use but back on track. Can't speak highly enough of Dr Davies and his team, post op care has been brilliant. Back for final check up in a month.

3 months post op

Well it's certainly been a rollacoaster ride these upper and lower lids!!! Just had my 3 month review and 3rd cortisone into the left eye. I had a bit of drooping lower lid so have needed 3 separate cortisone injections spaced one month apart in it to help with recovery. Still concerned about asymmetry of eyes, Although they are still changing daily I can definitely see there is a difference in uppers. Spoke to surgeon about concerns and we agreed to re-assess at 6 months when all healing should have occurred. Have posted a before and after shot taken today.

4.5 months post op update

Well what a rollacoaster ride this has been. It's definitely not for the inpatient or faint hearted. There have been moments when I have absolutely regretted my decisions and then days like today when I've been thrilled! Photo taken today at 4.5months post. Eyes still continue to change daily, it's something I'm just getting used to. The dropping of the left eye seems to have settled down now thankfully after the cortisone injections Side scar on the left is still quite visible which I'm disappointed about, the right eye scar has faded quite nicely. Next check up with surgeon is at 6 months post.

6 month update

Went for 6 month review, overall I've been thrilled with the results, however there was a small crease below left eye and it look like the scar had spread as it healed. Dr Davies agreed and booked me in for revision, he said he would cut the scar out and re-stitch then fix the skin fold. I
Was booked in for the next week 1/11/16. Went into day surgery and had it all fixed under local anaesthetic, wow even with the local it hurt!!!!! Needed someone to drive me home and proceeded to lay low for the next week due to bruising and swelling - again! One week later back for stitches out and dr Davies is happy with how it's all looking. Next apt 4 weeks for review! Attended 4 week review last Monday and happy to say thumbs up, all is great, scar still visible but that's to be expected, it's been a really long process for me, being approx 8 months since my surgery but I'm thrilled even with the minor issues, can't speak highly enough of dr Davies or his team, they have been brilliant!

Updated photo of side scars taken today, 8 months post op and 7 weeks post revision surgery on left eye

9 months post op

Well if I can give anyone one piece of advice with eye surgery, PATIENCE!!! 9 months post op and 3 months post corrective and I'm thrilled!!!
Dr Rodger Davies

Very Professional Surgeon. I was referred to him as being one of the best in Melbourne. I felt very relaxed in his company and had complete faith that I had chosen the right Surgeon

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