Mona Lisa Touch Review...not Totally Pain Free Fyi - Hawaii

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I just finished my third MLT treatment. I was...

I just finished my third MLT treatment. I was pretty happy with the results after the first, didn't notice too much difference after the second and am now waiting to see the effects from the third. I read quite few reviews and nobody seemed to say it was painful. It was not a painless experience FYI. The first treatment for me was a bit painful, the second not painful and the third quite painful(especially at the end when they did more around the outside vaginal area.) I have a high pain tolerance and my doctors were surprised that I didn't complain or wince much at all. But I am just wondering why no one mentions that there is some pain(though it does not linger after...some soreness, discharge for a day and a little ichy). My doctors prepared me a bit for the pain and talked to me the whole time to keep me occupied, but I think they were even surprised that I didn't complain. I'd say its just me, but the way my doctors acted I got the feeling other women had voiced more discomfort and might have even elected not to continue. I just wanted other women who do not deal well with that area being in discomfort be for warned that it is not pain free as stated on the web. On the up side I would do it again as it has helped with dryness and elasticity. I hope the dryness will get even better after this last one. I am 45 and had cervical cancer last year so a radical hysterectomy sent me into menopause and a shortened vagina to boot. This treatment has helped me feel a bit more like my old self. :)
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