Abdominal & Flank Lipo, Fat Graft to Cheeks & Upper Bleph with Possible Breast Implant Replacement - Hawaii, HI

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I am having my surgery tomorrow. Very excited but...

I am having my surgery tomorrow. Very excited but having misgivings about the implant replacements. My saline are 15+ years old and I have had twins and one more soon after. I am like a deflated water balloon. The cost is the issue. I will have the answer in the morning. I will keep you posted on the recovery and reveal. I am having the cheek fat graft done instead of my lower lids as suggested by my surgeon. The pictures I saw were amazing and its simple and painless. We will see. I am trying to dig up some before photos.


WENT FOR IT ALL! My cheeks are a bit 'House wives of Beverley Hills 'ish' but my surgeon said if they were not too big then he didn't put enough in. Meaning they will lose 37% if not more so we will see. My eyes are still swollen so basically I have a scary face. However my girls' are rocking. So glad I had the implants replaced and I am not a bit saggy. I told my friend helping me I am going to fall on my face staring down at my new cleavage. The lipo is awesome. I already look like a size or to smaller and they put you in this corset that makes you hardly eat. I am pretty pain free but however I have been generous with the. hydrocodone. I have also only bruised at the lipo site. None on my face. I will post some photos and so far I am pretty pleased. I posted some facial shots but will update soon with body pics.

Bleph, Fat graft to cheeks, Lipo and implant replacement

Day five and still got some big cheeks. Not much pain at all just a little sore in abdomen. My upper lids are a bit swollen still and not ready for public. Here are some updated pics.

Breast implant replacement and abdominal Lipo.

Loving the boobs. Liking the flatter tummy after twins. Still a bit swollen in the belly and looking forward to working out in a few weeks.
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