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I was a small B cup and came out of surgery as a...

I was a small B cup and came out of surgery as a 36D and now must be 38DD - anyway it was fun for a while but as I get older, I'm 48, I want to look more svelte and sophisticated and these HUGE boobs are not what I want anymore. They FEEL like two big bags on my chest - I look at pictures and all I see are these BOOBS. It's kind of embarrassing around my family. I have to wear two sports bras to work out. I'm really just over them.
I got two opinions on removal. One didn't have an answer. The other one suggested a breast reduction - I don't want all that cutting...he came to another conclusion to take them out and do lipo - he said the only problem would be that they could be misshaped. But wouldn't there still be a lot of skin left?? He wants close to $9K. I don't really have that kind of $. I was thinking maybe if insurance covers the removal - then I could just pay for the lipo - but has anyone heard of these two in combo to create a better result? I just don't want to be left with two sagging empty sacks!

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