Tummy Tuck Without Lipo - Hattiesburg, MS

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I am hoping to do a good job on these updates as...

I am hoping to do a good job on these updates as the women before me were so very helpful. :]
A little about me. I am 26 years old and will be 27 right before my surgery. I have 3 beautiful children, ages 8, 5, and 3. The story here is the same as many who went before me. I had a great body before my children and weighed about 132 lbs. With my son I jumped up to 190 lbs and at my highest weight I was 199. I am only 5'4. My third pregnancy I started at 199 and dropped down to 165 while 9 months pregnant. After my youngest was born my weight went right back up into the 190's. About 2 years ago I started getting serious about losing weight and managed to make it down to 163 on my own, while eating correctly and exercising. Then I went back up to 180 where I stay for about 9 months (depression). I again managed to lose weight but this time the wrong way. I stopped eating due to some family problems and dropped down to 147 lbs. Once I started eating again I gained back about 16 lbs and have been at a comfortable 163 lbs. I have had some crazy weight fluctuation going on and of course my body shows it. I want this tummy tuck to remove excess skin around my stomach. I have had the spare tire or muffin top for far too long and I am ready for it to be smooth again.
I went to 2 different doctors and chose the one that I was most comfortable with and I go back for a second consultation to see if he thinks I could get an extended tummy tuck to help remove the love handles. I am so nervous and excited at the same time!!

More before pictures

I took some before pictures this morning and wanted to post them before I lost my nerve. I hope it helps at least one person.

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Here's the side shots, and me pulling the extra skin

Haha. Ok one more

I promise last one of the day. I really wish we could edit these instead of having to post a new update. Oh well. :)
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