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I was getting ready for spending my 30th birthday...

I was getting ready for spending my 30th birthday / New Years in Sydney Australia and wanted to look my best. I went ahead with the Zoom Whitening. I had my teeth checked and cleaned before the procedure. My mouth was preped really wide so that all my teeth were showing. The whitening was put on my teet and then a bright light focusing on my teet.

I tell you...I felt my gum pulsating with this stuff. I felt like they were bleeding. I had to endure this for 20min and then do a second round. It was also emberasing becacause of the amount of saliva coming out of my mouth. Mind you, I had a really good looking dental assistant doing the work on me. I managed to go through it all. Just having air touch my teeth gave me a stinging pain. I took asperin and was much better the next day. My teeth were white but not much difference I thought. It may have a more drastic improvement on some one else that smokes perhaps.

I will not be doing it again. Stick with the over the counter stuff.

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