Hated EVERYTHING About Invisalign!

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Well, maybe that is a little bit of an...

Well, maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration. I liked that they were clear, but nothing more then that. They straightened my teeth a bit but BUYER BEWARE! these do not pay small attention to detail like regular braces would. My dentist did not tell me this and after almost 3 years, I now have regular mental braces on my teeth and I am much happier! my front teeth were not aligned with the rest. Metal braces will now do this for me. Also my bite shifted and became very uncomfortable! For some reason they felt it neccessary to literally FILE teeth in between to make room for the teeth to move as well as to adjust my bite. i hated every second of this and I would not do it again! If you are vain like I was, think twice because, straightening your teeth in the most reliable way possible is traditional braces. They've been doing it for years so obviously they must be doing somehting right!
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