Stretch Mark Removal with Palomar LUX 1540

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I don't know if I am allowed to post as I am based...

I don't know if I am allowed to post as I am based in the UK but here we go...
I'm in my 20s, have a lot of stretch marks due to fluctuating weight down to an eating disorder (of which I am now in recovery). I haven't found many reviews/help with this treatment so thought I would document my journey.

Things to point out and post treatment

I am getting four lots of treatment on four areas. This is costing me £1400 (I received 30% off with an Easter deal on laser treatments).

My first treatment I was quite nervous about how much it would hurt. The nurse had it on a low setting and I genuinely couldn't feel it! She put the setting up 35 and said she would do two passes over each area.

Across the arms and front of the stomach was absolutely fine, not even uncomfortable. A weird sensation which is very hard to describe! The hips were a tiny bit uncomfortable but I was still able to handle this area absolutely fine.
The back of my thighs and calves were painful. I don't know if painful is the right word but it was very tender and did make me hold my breath. I wanted to ask for a break but I thought that it would be better to just get it over and done with so I was trying to imagine I was on a sun lounger in Jamaica!!

During the treatments I had a nice pack to numb areas prior to or after the passes with the laser. I didn't think it helped I numb the area but it was very nice after the treatment, especially on the back of my legs!

After the treatment aloe Vera gel was applied to the areas. It was quite tender and red, the areas were risen. I was worried it would be sore to put on my joggers and for any rubbing of clothing but everything was fine.

Today (a day after treatment) the areas are still red but not as much, they are fine to the touch and tenderness has gone down. I am booked in for my next treatment for five weeks time. I have been trying to do as much research in to treatments with this specific laser as possible. I am being treated with the Palomar Starlux 1540. From what I have read (please correct me if I am wrong) the maximum setting is 70 mj (?). I think this has to do with the depth the laser goes, next time I will ask the nurse what the maximum is and try to complete the passes on the maximum in order to get the best results.

I am trying to think of any other relevant information but I think that's all for now.

Please, please, please if you know anything about this laser and have any information regarding the settings and treatment let me know. Also, if you have any questions at all just ask and I will answer to the best of my ability.

I have read mixed reviews on this laser and also looked at journals which have researched it and right now I have a positive head on. Even if I don't get the results I want I hope that this will help someone else's decision to get treatment easier.

Look forward to hearing from you soon xxx

Having a bad day

I'm having such a bad time right now. I have zero self esteem. I've been sat in bed crying for the past couple of hours and it is all to do with my stretch marks. How is there not a cure yet? I know I have to stay positive and I am most of the time but right now I can see no way out of this. Am I never going to wear a skirt/dress/shorts/sleeveless top/bikini ever again? I just don't see how I can do anything in life with these ugly marks, wear what I like, feel comfortable in my own skin, find love, have sex... HOW when my body is marked like this? I just don't know what I will be like if this treatment has no effect!
I'm sorry, I just needed to release that somewhere and thought it may help someone else feeling the same way. I am going to post some pictures now to chart my progress. I have also been using bio-oil once a day - am going to try and up this to twice a day. Looking at the pictures I think I can see a difference? What do you think? I feel like my mind plays tricks on me... Some days I can see a difference other days they look horrific and I feel like they will never change.


These are the before pictures, I have taken quite a few in different lighting so hopefully you can get some idea of how bad they are! They are on the back of my legs, hips, front of stomach (two random ones) and arms (although they don't show up very well in the pictures.

Straight after

Here are the stretch marks straight after laser treatment.

After treatment #1

These are update pictures of my stretch marks after the redness had gone down after the first treatment. I will now update after each treatment. My next laser session is in three weeks.

After treatment #1

These are update pictures of my stretch marks after the redness had gone down after the first treatment. I will now update after each treatment. My next laser session is in three weeks.


Sorry I have been MIA guys. As you may know I am recovering from an ED but my depression is relentless at the moment. I've been really unwell, hence my lack of posting. Anyway, I promise to keep you all updated but sometimes I just like to escape from the world and lock myself away!!
I just had my second treatment yesterday and this time I was in a lot of pain!
I'm quite run down at the moment and the nurse said that may be why, also we went up to 40mj(?). The maximum they would use is 45mj so I am just going to trust them on that one! The back of my legs were so painful, I had to take keep asking for a break. We did the back of the legs first this time and I could have cried with happiness when they were finished, the rest of the areas were a breeze after that so I think I will continue to do it in that order. It is most painful right on the bones and right in the very crease of my knees, once it is over though, the pain is too! It doesn't hurt afterwards, just hot too the touch.

Will update with pictures once the redness has gone down. X

Almost ten days post treatment.

Hello all,

Just a quick update... The areas I have had treatment on are still red/purple. I do not remember the skin staying discoloured as long as this on my first treatment. I am hoping this means that the laser has done more damage to the dermal layer and therefore better results! I have also noticed very fine grid patterned indentations on the treated areas which I didn't notice last time. I will update you all again once the discolouration has gone and we can really see the stretch marks.



Hello everyone, sorry I haven't been updating too much. I haven't taken proper progress pictures, sorry.
In the pictures you will see a lump/blister on my treatment area. The blister appeared just over five weeks since my last treatment. I called and spoke to my nurse and we booked an appointment to get it checked out, however a day before my appointment it had disappeared! In this picture you will be able to see the colour change of my stretch marks.
I had my third treatment just over a week ago, we increased the setting and it was so painful!
On every treatment area other than the back of my legs it is absolutely fine, a tiny bit painful but nothing that I can't handle. But the back of the legs, for me anyway, was excruciating. I did take quite a few breaks this time, on the back of my legs only.
The treated areas have stayed darker for longer this time, which I am hoping is a good sign. I just use aloe vera gel after I shower, I did do an update where I said I was going to use bio oil but I thought I would just see what laser can do by itself.
Sorry if I forgot to add anything, just ask me any questions below. X

Fourth session

Hello all,

Sorry I have been so rubbish again!! I've had so much going on but it will all calm down next week so I will update properly from now on.

I had my fourth treatment booked in for Tuesday but my nurse called and asked if I would be interested in changing the time so I could get a free session to train another nurse on the machine. I was a bit worried but I couldn't turn down an extra session so I went for it. Both the trainer and trainee were not my usual nurse but I still felt at ease straight away and it was absolutely fine, she was really good at it so it was just like a usual treatment.
Anyway, so once the redness has gone down I will do updated pictures. They have definitely faded, I am still not 100% confident with them. I think maybe because I am wanting my skin to return to it's once stretch mark free self. Maybe I am asking for too much?

Any questions leave down below! I have my next session booked in for November so I am hoping by the new year I will be much happier with their appearance.


Day before my 'last' treatment...

Hello all,

I am feeling a little disheartened today... I thought there would be much more of a result after four treatments but I am hoping and praying that the fifth treatment will really make that difference.
Here are some pictures I have just taken (apologies they aren't very good - I will try and get some better ones tomorrow). I can see a difference but they are still visible... I don't know! Anyway I don't really have a lot to say.
My last treatment is tomorrow - I paid for four but luckily received a free treatment as they were training a nurse last time. I am going to speak to my nurse about getting another round of treatment. I think I will wait a couple of months after my last session and see how I feel then after the areas are completely healed. I might go back for this treatment or I might look in to something different...

Ask any questions below and I will answer. X
Harley Medical Group

I really love my nurse, so much so that I am really going to miss her once my treatment ends. She put me at ease straight away and we talk about anything and everything during the sessions. Any questions I have are answered straight away and the aftercare is amazing too. Love, love, love my nurse!

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