Here We Go! Harrisburg, PA

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Okay, so I finally decided it was time to do this....

Okay, so I finally decided it was time to do this. I got my tattoo 8.5 years ago. I can't say exactly what I was thinking. I'm impulsive and I love pink floyd, so I told the artist I want a pink floyd tattoo but can't afford much so let's just start with a brick wall! Just draw whatever, I trust you! Anyway, I've hated this thing for at least 98% of the time I've had it. I hate when people ask me about and I have to attempt to explain while they just give me weird looks. It makes me self-conscious and I've wished that I could get rid of it for years.

I'm not sure where the motivation came from but I decided it was time. I had my first treatment yesterday! It was a lot more painful than I was expecting. I could barely tolerate a few seconds of it at a time at first, but eventually I was able to suck it up and get through it much fast. I don't have a great before photo of the tattoo, but I included what I had. The other photo is the morning after my first treatment. Crossing my fingers that this goes smoothly. It's all black, so I'm really hoping that helps.

Found a before photo!

Had to add an original photo since I found one. Not bad for such a short time after one treatment!

Just had session 2

The six weeks has finally passed and it was time to have my second session last week. I added a photo of the day before my second session as as you can see there's a pretty huge difference from only one session.

The second one went pretty smoothly. Towards the end in was feeling pain in my arm whenever the laser was on. Like nerve pain. Not sure why but it hurt quite a bit. Also, a big chunk of the bottom of the tattoo ended up getting very bloody and scabbed, the the rest of the tattoo responded the same way it did after the first session. Not sure if the guy messed up, or I just had some bad luck but I'm really hoping it heals okay.
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