22 Y/o on a Weight Loss Journey. Losing Volume :( - Harrisburg, NC

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Hi Ladies, I've been reading reviews for a few...

Hi Ladies,
I've been reading reviews for a few months now and have really been going back and forth about the whole procedure. I am 5'1 and about 165 lbs. In the last four years, I have gone from a 36C up to a 36DDD (I weighed about 190 lbs) and now down to a fairly deflated 36D. And I'm pretty sure I'm still a D cup because my back fat is making my measurements higher lol. I currently have about 30lbs to go on the weight loss journey and I'll probably make a final decision then.

If I do decide to get the surgery my goal is to be a full C cup. My boobs looked perfect in high school so I want those back haha. I will post some wish pics and actual pics shortly.

Also, if any one has had any experience/advice with peri-aeriolar incisions and breast feeding post-op, that would be great!! Thanks

Wish Pics

Quick question

I'm not sure if anyone knows about this but I play rugby (super high impact) and I was wondering how (if at all) having a BA would affect my playing ability. Any answer would be great!

My current boobs

So it's been over a year since I posted. For a little while I thought that I was happy with the boobs that I had but I realized that I need a lift. I have no upper pole fullness. From the constant weight fluctuation I still feel like they don't look that good.I would like an implant to fill everything out but I'm not a doctor so I have no idea what I would actually need.
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