Consultation review: Vaser Lip Consult with Ravi Jain at Riverbanks - Harpenden, GB

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Hello, This is a review of my consultation...

This is a review of my consultation experience with Ravi Jain at Riverbanks Clinic and I wanted to write a review to warn people just incase they are looking at a consult with them.
I was looking into Vaser, came across the Riverbanks Clinic so gave them a call. I spoke to the receptionist and said that I was unsure whether or not I wanted this procedure and wanted to know my suitability. I wanted to get an idea of price first and asked, but was told it is down to the individual and you will find out after your consult. The consultation would be £50. I asked would it be possible to speak to Ravi Jain via Skype first, so they arranged it for a few hours later and took the £50 from me stating that I would need to come in for a consult.
I spoke with Ravi Jain over Skype. He asked me, at most, a couple of general question e.g. what's your diet like. He asked me to show my stomach, but said that he could not see me clearly and I would need to come in and see him as the picture quality wasn't great despite me being able to see him clear as day. The Skype session lasted about 15 minutes. After that, I was emailed the prices. I think it is very unfair that they withheld/withold this information until you pay £50 for a consult. I nearly feel off my chair when I saw the prices. Way too expensive!
I replied to their email saying that this is way out of my budget and can I please have my £50 back as I have not actually come in for a consult and the Skype "consult" was pretty much pointless. I have since heard nothing back. Emailed again and nothing.
I would avoid Riverbanks Clinic as it seems all they want is money. They don't reveal prices until after you've had a consult and their Vaser prices are thousands of pounds more than other places. I have since heard nothing back from them via email.
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Not very happy as prices were only revealed to me after £50 was given to them. The Skype "consult" was supposed to give me an idea of my suitability, but instead it was not a consult at all. I feel as though my £50 should be refunded as we did not have a proper consult at all. I have heard nothing back from them despite a couple of emails since their extortionate prices for Vaser were revealed to me. I do not believe for one moment that prices are individual to patients, much rather they are set prices.

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