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Following 2 years of research, I knew instantly I...

Following 2 years of research, I knew instantly I met Dominic Bray that my search was over and I had found the best highly skilled, fully registered surgeon in London to perform my upper & lower Blepharoplasty. As I suffer with corneal abrasions ,I just had to have the best surgeon- complications were not an option with my eye history! Dominic performed my eyelid surgery on 20th May with results I could only have dreamed of! So delighted am I , that I have now booked my SMAS facelift with Dominic for July- though a word of warning- his diary is booked up well in advance!
My day of surgery was wonderful and very memorable- a little I will share with you now(space permitting! Will continue this after if I need to).
On entering the large unassuming door in Harley st, you are about to embark on a journey of enchantment! Londonium is the mysterious Magical world lying in the deep depths of Harley st. A world where reality meets fantasy and clocks go backwards! The gorgeous Surgeon Dominic (why are they always so handsome!) with his beautiful P.A Lucy- blonde, leggy-you name it-Lucy has it! Then in comes Miles- tall, strong and good looking, who you would trust with your life! (Well you don't have much choice by this stage!).
In this land of fantasy you get to meet 2 delightful little elves wearing little multicoloured hats and big smiles- they are summoned by the delightful Dom to begin their little task of hair preparation for the exciting procedure which lies ahead! Their tiny little hands fumble around the back of my head and I think they possibly crown me with one of their little hats-a sort of Initiation ceremony to welcome me to Londonium!
I see curly trees and sit on numerous light coloured wooden benches during the course of my journey. I even remember being told, in the nicest possible way to shut up- perhaps I did deserve that in my hyper state of excitement!
My last recollection of Londonium was having a cold wet fish dabbed all over my face (presumably by those little elves?), and waking from my stupor asking the question 'What the hell was that on my face?'.
Next thing, I am transported to the railings outside Doms clinic whilst poor Lucy frantically throws my luggage into an awaiting 'Black taxi' before running back to peel me gently off the railings (just how she does all this in those heels is quite beyond me!) and off we go in the taxi,
My legs literally wobbling like jelly and my head spinning- as if by magic (those elves again?) , I find myself sitting on the bed in The Marylebone with Lucy looking after me!
My only momento from Londonium is two beautiful eyes (oh yes and a little bruising)! But I can now say I truly believe in 'Magic' -and you can find it too!- just put your trust in Dominic and his wonderful team!
.....and that's the story so far! I am now so excited and looking forward to my next 'Trip' to Londonium in July!
On a more serious note- I cannot praise this Surgeon enough- I read a review online in which Dominic was referred to as 'The Face God' - I now know from experience that they were not far wrong!

?Today was the day of my SMAS facelift!

Today was the day of my SMAS facelift! I am writing this from The Marylebone Hotel. Well I have just had room service- including a glass of Champagne! Well why not this is a 'be kind to myself' evening! I am surrounded with my books, sweeties, TV guide and oh yes- a bandage around my head! (Forgot about that for a minute!) My day began at 8am where i was taken to the clinic theatre to meet Dominic ! What a welcome I received and as usual Dom completely put me at ease! The disappointing thing for me was sadly My lovely Lucy (Doms PA) was unwell- I really missed her! Anyway Dom and one of his nurses did spoil me! I opted for 'a little less' sedation this time so I was almost wide awake for much of the facelift ( though if you don't like that idea you can have more sedation at any time throughout your procedure ( just let Miles know that-he will not let you suffer if you feel squeamish at any time!) Anyway I felt some slight tugging, pulling, and heard what I would imagine was excess skin being cut (well that's what it sounded like), I was then aware of Dominic stitching my face- I really was not scared or worried at any time- I always believe when I know I am in profession hands of somebody as lovely as Dominic - what would I have to worry about! So I just relaxed and enjoyed the experience! Dominic has visited me this evening and left me some painkillers- I am in no pain apart from a some tenderness under the chin! Even the bandage around my face is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be! I will see Dominic in his clinic at 9am for his check up on my face and some pampering ! A massage was mentioned! I have had a thoroughly wonderful day again - face a little puffy, and tenderness under chin/along jaw- but no pain at all- AND THOSE JOWLS HAVE GONE!!! Soo pleased! Will give you lots of updates over the next week but so far this is so unbelievably easy and painless! Sandra x

So happy with my results so far!

Upper/lower Blepharoplasty and SMAS facelift (day 4 photos)

Post-Op Day 1

Woke up early at The Marylebone hotel after a comfortable night and made my way by taxi for the short trip to Harley street. Had a wonderful facial massage, hair wash and session under the healing lamp all carried out by Dominic. He reassured me that everything was fine and closely inspected the stitches etc. I must say I feel great! There is a little discomfort under my chin area and a little puffiness to my face but I keep pinching myself and asking 'did I really have a SMAS facelift yesterday? I really cannot emphasise how easy this all feels! My before and after photos, even just 1 day post surgery are truly amazing! Still applying some ice packs and am taking it easy today- but this is because I know I should- not because I feel I need to!! FEELING GREAT :)

Post-op Day 5 of SMAS Facelift

DAY 5 of my SMAS Facelift! The reality is yes of course I am bruised, swollen and slightly uncomfortable (especially with this recent heat wave!), but I can honestly say it has been far easier than I ever imagined! There has been NO pain at all but an uncomfortable feeling which is improving daily! I am back doing everything as before, apart from lifting anything too heavy! Following my extensive research/ recommendations I knew I would get fantastic results with Dominic- however, here I am at day 5 with results far exceeding my expectations! I knew my eyelids would be great and my jowls would be gone but there is so much more! When I look in the mirror, even at this stage, I can honestly say that this genius surgeon has worked another piece of MAGIC on my face!! My eyes now hold a sparkle and I see a confident 'me' from 10 years ago looking back in the mirror- and I love what I see and how I now feel!! With my new confidence and pure delight at my results, I have now decided to upload a Day 4 photo of before/after ( though this may take a few days as i am not renowned for my IT skills!). I thank Dominic for not only transforming me beyond my dreams and expectations- but for showing genuine concern for me, ringing me personally every few days to check my progress/ concerns (and leaving his personal number incase I feel the need to call him!), but also for being a friend and perfect gentleman who made me feel totally at ease throughout my surgery! You can feel the sense of team work going on here with Dominic, Lucy, Miles and Eliza- it not only puts you at ease but you feel totally confident that you are in very safe hands and also where you are accepted for 'you'. Thank you Dominic for working another piece of 'Magic' on my face!!! For me it's Dominic Bray- all the way! On Friday I am going to have my stitches removed! That has come round so fast! Will get pics up ASAP with further updates.

Post op day 9 -SMAS facelift

Had my stitches removed yesterday - feeling great and bruising & swelling is subsiding now. Numbness is improving greatly by the day.
Had good chat & coffee with Lucy ( she is so lovely!) . The sad thing is, I won't be seeing Dominic & Lucy for 4 weeks now!! I will miss them both!
My whole experience has been wonderful- so much easier than I would have ever believed! I am thrilled to say the least- with my results! I can also report that I have not had one single headache since having my Blepharoplasty - I had previously woken with a headache practically every morning for 5 years- my peripheral vision has been greatly improved & I am now able to wear eye make up without it disappearing under the hoods!
My face looks more youthful . My jawline more defined and those awful droopy jowls gone!
I am convinced my whole experience was so good because Dominic & Lucy were in constant communication with me to answer any concerns.
If you are seriously considering having your surgery in London- I cannot emphasise you will not find a better facial surgeon than Dominic - and you will meet new friends along the way!
London Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dominic is handsome, approachable, friendly, professional - and yes 'A genius in his field of surgery'!

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