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I've given up thinking about it & researching it....

I've given up thinking about it & researching it. I've taken the plunge & decided to go for it.
Ever since I was in high school I've hated the sight of my nose with a passion. It has got me down so much & Im done posing in pictures in certain ways to 'hide' the flaws on my face. After all it the the centre most point on my face!!
My surgery is in 3 days & my nerves are buried, right now I'm just super excited!!
I'm dreading the recovery but have bought a bunch of stuff to aid recovery.
A v shaped pillow
A neck cushion
Ice packs
Face wipes
Arnica tablets
Arnica cream
Pineapple juice
Fresh pineapple
Pain relief
IM ready to change my life for he better & cannot wait to feel good about myself & confident!
I'm also getting married in 8 weeks so no pressure for my surgeon!!! I know I'll still be swollen but I also know that my face will still look 100 times better even with swelling!!

I've read endless blogs on this site & they really helped me to prepare. So I figure I'd do the same.

2 days and counting...

Ok so after speaking with some of you via private message I have stated taking my arnica now....In preparation! I also bought some throat sweets ready to numb my throat just in case it's sore post op.

I'm feeling anxious, impatient & excited.
I'm anxious incase something goes wrong or I don't like the end result. I'm impatient because this waiting malarkey is killing me!!! And I'm excited because I will be hopefully coming out the other end with a beautiful nose!

I'm booked in to have my hair done tomorrow morning, wash, colour & blow dry because my hair is a nightmare to do & I just want to relax as much as I can the night before. My hair dresser has insisted & wanted to say bye to the old nose. Ha.
I'd be fibbing if I said I hadn't had second thoughts but I want it more then I don't want it if you catch my drift... Let the countdown continue...????

The day has arrived...????????????

So I've been awake since 5am, had my tea & toast as instructed & that's my consumption done now until post op. Not even a sip of water shall pass my lips. I've relaxed in the bath & applied absolutely zero products, no creams, no deodorant no nothing. Packed my overnight bag & included fresh clean soft comfy clothes, magazines, deodorant & my toothbrush. I've also brough my neck cushion just incase.
I will no doubt need entertainment so I downloaded some books & games to my iPad & brought that too.
I'm feeling increasingly nervous! I have nervous sweats which with not being able to wear deodorant I may end up having to have a quick wash when I arrive-kidding its not that bad really.
I keep catching glimpses of my reflection & thinking...these are my last few hours looking this way!
I just really hope everything goes okay & I'm happy with the results. Time will tell....

See you the other side with pics of me looking somewhat gruesome!

It's done :-D

Boy am I glad that's over! All that worry.....for nothing. It was a breeze!
The hospital staff are the through the roof wonderful.apologies for typos...I've already text my boss (including multiple kisses) instead of my fiancé! Doh.
Felling a bit fuzzy headed post op but no pain. I will keep this brief for now but give you the full low down tomorrow when I am on my long journey back home.

For now...see pictures & know I'm over the moon so far (Dr Solomos popped in one see how I was doing & removed the bolster so I could have a sneak peek!!)

Until tomorrow...x

So far so good

So I'm on route home post op & feeling fine!

The anticipation prior to the surgery itself was pretty intense &
The worst bit. I worked myself up something rotten & really shouldn't have. The way my mind works is to expect the worst then it will always be better.
I cannot fault the staff at Highgate Hospital in London. They were just lovely, every single one. They contributed massive amounts to easing me through the steps.
I was given my dashing hospital gown, disposable panties (divine), slippers & name bracelets. I did a pregnancy test & ran through a medical history with the nurse. 2 hours later I was greeted by my anethatist & walking into surgery. I sat on the bed & was covered in warm blankets & talked through the steps. A cannula was inserted into the back of my hand, oxygen mask on my face & before I knew it I had woken up from what felt like the best night sleep id had...ever. I had to fight the sleepiness & spoke like I had been drinking cocktails all day!
Once I returned to my room I was given pain relief & felt fine so tucked into ice cream, Apple juice & chocolate chip cookies-yum!
I kept sipping the ice cold water through a straw because the bolster gets in the way a bit . This helped my sore throat & had my bolster changed a few times because of the bleeding.
I'm still bleeding now but it's such a little amount I'm not in the slightest bit worried.

Regarding bruising & swelling I'm really not too bad at the moment so fingers are crossed it stays that way!

My surgeon popped in to see me last night to ask how I was, removed the bolster to show me my new nose!! Love!!!!!! Sooooo pleased already.
He popped back in this morning to see how I am doing, gave me some post op tips & would like to see me again in 6 weeks to see how I am doing. And of course because it will then be 2 weeks before the wedding!

So. My overall experience 10/10. I cannot complain at all. Staff-wonderful. Food-scrummy! Hospital room-lovely. Surgeon-fabulous. My new nose (from what I can see)- epic! Procedure-a breeze.

Any questions....fire away x

Bolster removed

I replaced the bolster & couldn't resit taking a few pictures to see the changes...
Pretty swollen on the tip but so far there is minimal bruising, no pain whatsoever & bleeding has pretty much stopped too.

Day 2 post op

A bit more swelling today but trying to maintain it with ice packs, rest & plenty of fluids.

Felt a bit sick today but that passed after a snooze. Been snap happy with the selfies trying to see through the cast & swelling to my new nose. I know it's really swollen & difficult to see but I'm trying to see through it all!
Everyday that passes I'm more & more pleased with my decision. I know I won't be fully healed by the time my wedding comes around but what I do know is that I'll look sooooo much better on my wedding day I can feel 100% confident in my skin & my dress.
7 weeks 6 days until the big day....!

5 days post op

Wow. Boy have I had a couple of really rough days.
Literally had a 2 day long migraine & pretty much just been sleeping the whole time. Ugh. Thank god that's over & done with.
Feeling much more human today. 2 more days & my cast comes off. YEAY! Can't wait!!! Had some more bruising come out but it's so yellow it's barely visible in the pictures.
I also got majorly blocked up & had to clean my nose out big time. I felt like I was suffocating & couldn't breathe properly-horrid. But once I had cleaned it I was able to breathe & felt absolutely fine.
Now I'm just dying to see it without the cast on!! although I know it's not the finished result, it will be nice to have my face back & see what's underneath!!!

For now...I'll have to keep wondering...!

Cast is off...see the big reveal!

So my cast is off....thankfully!! Good riddance! The stuff they have to use to melt the glue really set my skin on Fire, but after some saline water & gauze wiping it was absolutely fine. I just happen to have the most sensitive skin on my face. The removal is an odd sensation but felt no pain at all. Just felt really odd. Once it was off & I could have a look I cried a few happy tears!!! Embarrassing. But I'm already so pleased with it. I have wanted this for such a long time I cannot believe I didn't do it sooner. It's pretty swollen all over still, especially around the bridge but bruising is pretty much all gone. See pics.....

Sooo happy!

Ahhh. I actually cannot begin to tell you how happy I am. I know I made the right decision. 100%.

I've taken endless selfies & cannot stop looking at myself when I see my reflection. Ha!

It's all a pretty scary process. From making the decision but having some doubt. Or parting with the chunk of money that it costs. To the fear of the unknown that what you might end up with will be one you really like. What ignite worse? Or goes wrong. All normal thoughts let me tell you. But I knew that after it all my nose was most definitely going to look better then if I did nothing about it at all.
I cannot find the words to tell you how pleased I am. I'm not even fully healed yet so I know when I am it's going to be even more amazing.

If you're readying this blog because you're considering it but have doubts. I did too, we all did. But 100% know that it is one of my best decisions yet. I have ooodles of confidence & don't have to hide behind my hair or shades anymore.
All the best to those of you yet to have the surgery/or not may be the case.

S x

2.5 weeks post surgery

I couldn't be any more pleased. Changes happen everyday but it's still a whole load better from what I had.

I'm still swollen & my stitches have been really irritating me. Especially the ones you can see. It looks a bit like crusty bogies. Yuk.

Those who know me well can see a change but they're not sure what it is. Those who don know me well haven't noticed. Phew.
I still haven't seen my dad....that will be the real test. I hope he doesn't notice.

I've attached a couple of pictures....you'll see the difference here. Amazing.

I'll keep checking in from time to time to let you know how I'm healing. But so far, so good.

Almost 4 weeks post op

As requested.... See more pics!

I couldn't be happier!

The only things I have to moan about are:
1. I have a serious drippy nose situation. If my nose gets cold it doesn't warm up like it used to so now I get a drippy nose & have to carry tissue religiously. I'm sure that will settle as soon as its healed.

2. Breathing through my nose isn't great as I'm still pretty swollen. Again, I know this will get better in time.

3. Each side of my nose is healing at different rates so occasionally it might look different one side to the other. Ana other thing that will settle.

I just need to be patient now & wait for the results.

Hen do today....I'm off out to have fun with the girls & get made up & hair all done... I'll share a pic with you guys so you can see me all dolled up!

Let me know if you have any questions... Happy to help xx

Hen do new nose

So my hen do came & went...
Had an epic glamour vintage day out!

I have to say this right here right now... For the 1st time in my life I actually liked EVERY picture taken!!! I didn't have to zone in on my nose & select the pictures that flattered it the best-it ALWAYS looked good!! AMAZING.

So chuffed right now! See pics...x

So I got married & my new nose looked awesome!!

So I got married & my new nose looked awesome!! Literally landed back today after our 3 week adventure & could wait to get on here & share my pics with you!

Ive attached a few pics for you guys to see but I honestly couldn't have felt any better about myself on the day!!

I wasn't worried about profile shots or kissing shots...for kiss shots traditionally it involved me ensuring my nose was hidden behind his for the picture....

Oh but no, no, no! Not the case anymore!! I was more then happy for any picture to be taken in anyway from any angle. AMAZING!

I don't yet have all my pictures from the big day- which went perfectly by the way!!!!! The images I do have I will share with you a couple.

My wedding day was exactly 8 weeks post op... so I was super pleased with the rate of healing etc. Plus any inflammation is totally ridable with a bit of contouring thanks to my fabulous makeup artist!

When I get more images I'll post them up!

Chao for now!

Mrs T :)

Almost 20 weeks post op

Best decision 100%.

I couldn't be anymore comfortable in my own skin. Boy am I pleased I went for it.

It is changing slightly every week but not much really. I know it will become more defined in time so we will watch this space.

But for now... Here are some post op pics of my new nose & me clearly being much more confident in my skin. S x

6 month post op

So here I am, 6 months on & feeling so positive about my decision.

I just wish I hadn't waited so long. Truly.

I am in love with my new little nose, my more symmetrical face and my new found confidence which oozes out of me, making my work life & personal life sooo much better!!!

It's truly amazing what a simple thing can do! (Or not so simple!)

Best of luck to all whom are consdering cosmetic surgery to achieve your desires, you will loose sleep thinking about it but only you can decide if deep down it is the right thing for you.

S x

7 months on...

So it's been over 7 months now & I've looked back at my old photos multiple times & cannot get over how much happier I am with my cute little nose now!!!!
I never have to worry about how I look now & I'm happy to have my picture taken from any angle now too! Long gone are the days I have to ensure the pic is taken 'just so' who cares now....shoot away!! Blow it...I may even book in for a professional shoot & go wild!! Ha!

I used to imagine how I'd feel if I got my nose fixed...what took me so damn long!!! #amazingfeeling #ilovemenow

It's all about the nose...

I never did get around to posting the pics of my nose on my wedding day! So voila!! Despite some swelling...a little bit of contouring saved the day!

Warning!!!! Selfie alert!!!!!

So....urm....yeah.... I like a selfie-now!

I never used to but I've become a bit of a selfie queen!!

Goes with the territory of being confident!!

17 months post surgery & im still wishing I just did it years ago!

It's such a subtle change and in the grand scheme of things a tiny adjustment to my overall appearance but it's true when they say "it's all about the little things" these are now my words to live by!!

S x

Me.... Take selfies....??????? Maybe.

London Plastic Surgeon

Dr Solomos hs performed surgery on me before & I was over the moon with those results. He is a friendly & funny guy who answers your questions & keeps your expectations in check. He is real about the results. Easy going & a sense of humour help when you're super nervous!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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