63 Year Old with Rolling Acne Scars

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Hello ladies Well my journey's just beginning....

Hello ladies
Well my journey's just beginning. I'm joining "The Bray Babes" on Thursday when Dominic will hopefully perform his artistry and magic. I'm having facelift, necklift, plasty, temple brow lift, and upper blasphemy. I've followed the salicylate diet strictly bar 3 zero cokes but hey ho I don't think that's too bad. My case is packed for travelling to Londay, with hubby, by train on Wednesday, where I'll be staying for 10 days with friends till stitches out on the Friday I'm so so excited and not the least bit nervous YET. Can't wait. My journey started about 18 months ago when I noticed my acne scars were forming a pattern on bottom part of face. These were getting worse and couldn't bear looking in the mirror, so decided a change had to come. I researched really well (or so l thought) but not well enough when my friend told me to look on "realself" and look up DB, although I'd arranged two other consultations. Nothing compared. I visited the Marylebone hotel end of March for DB's monthly talk and was really and truly hooked, a genius at his skills, I filled out the form and answered the question "when do you want surgery" reply " ASAP". To cut a long story short a cancellation came up and I quickly returned to London and hence surgery Tuesday. I'll post my progress and upload photos tomorrow, can't take any now as I've been bubbling my eyes out watching Me Before You. Gorgusgirl x

10 days ago

Day of Op 6th July

Feeling great, no nerves just so thankful the day has finally arrived. I went to the operating room happily, lay on the chair and 5 hours later it was all over. Absolutely no pain whatsoever, I literally couldn't believe it. Dominic Bray is purely and simply a genius. I've renamed him Dr Genius. The main reason for my facelift was the rolling acne scars which were getting worse with the aging process. I've had acne for 50 years and still get it to this day. When I consulted DB he told me that he would do his very best but it wouldn't be perfect. Well it is perfect. I have always been spotty skin which resulted in the scarring but my skin is gorgeous to me now. I'm genuinely overwhelmed. The reason the surgery took so long was the time he took in dissecting the scarring tissue and his new technique in stitching. Apparently I shouldn't have any scars at all, although DBs results have always been brilliant these are even better so watch this space. After surgery I had my hair washed by Rebecca and photos taken by DB and then a short time under infra red rays. I walked to the Marylebone Hotel about 7.30pm and slept for a full 7 hours. I've uploaded some before photos and day one of op.

Day One

Day one arrived at the clinic at 10am a little swollen and tight but although I looked partly alien I felt great in myself. Dominic was pleased with me and actually said I should have a great result. Staying with friends in London although hubby will be going back to Newcastle on Sunday. Felt good until about 8ish when the swelling on my neck was very tight and a little painful, forgot paracetamol which should have been taken four hours earlier. Started to fell unwell so took myself off to bed. Still icing. Did not sleep at all that night but stayed very positive. I've uploaded a few more photos and then will review Day 2 a much better day.

Day 2 and 3

Day 2 and 3 can't believe it I've just done a long review went to take photos and lost the lot so disappointed. Any way I'll try and remember some of what I said. Day 2 still very tight and swollen around my neck. For me the tightening is the worst but the icing definitely helps. I forgot to say that it is difficult to chew but eating soft food is fine such as mashed banana and yogurt, cheesey scrambled eggs ricekrispies etc. Still feeling good and pleasantly surprised how well I'm feeling in my self. Had a bath washed the bottom of my hair and felt a different person. Still tired though. Slept well and then day 3 arrived. Simply a turning point, I woke up feeling normal again, still a little tight and swollen but nothing to the previous day. I did some mouth exercises which I think really helped but not sure if this is correct. I can now eat normally, tonight's menu is chicken and egg fried rice done in butter so salicylate free and yummy. Last night roast chicken creamy mash potatoes and buttered cabbage. Please try and keep to the diet as I'm confident this really does help. I had a shower this morning, washed hair and put lippy on and genuinely felt good in myself, still icing all the time. My one mistake was to go outside in the shade, although icing, my face literally puffed up with the heat so won't be doing that again. One tip I would give is to get a cooling fan, I have one at the bottom of the bed and another in the lounge and it really keeps you cool in this heat. What also is helping me is that I haven't lifted a finger my hubby has done everything. I know some of you have children or commitments but do try and relax as much as you can, I think this is why I'm feeling so great. I'm going to continue this and add more photos later but I don't want to lose this review again to be cont.

What a difference a day makes

Well it's now day 6 and everyday I've noticed small changes in my face, I'm so looking forward to seeing my PS on Friday to see if I'm on track. Well yesterday I did too much, ,went shoe shopping will my friend and felt great, bought 4 pairs of shoes, told hubby 2, but I'm suffering today. Dr Genius reminded me that although I'm feeling well in myself, I've had major surgery and the healing process requires relaxation and icing. Suitably chastised!!! Anyway neck is still very tight on right side but I'm massaging a little downwards to hopefully drain some of the fluid. Whether it helps or not remains to be seen. I had the stitches taken out of my eyes on Monday which brought tears to my eyes????and also saw Kimberley for lymphatic drainage which was so relaxing and the lumps on my neck definitely softened. I know I go on about my acne scars or lack of, but I would like to make a further comment - I appreciate it's only 6 days post surgery and a lot of swelling needs to recede, but there are no words to express the utter genius of Dominic Bray. I'm still looking in the mirror and can't see a single acne scar. Obviously time will tell, but even if one or two become visible I'll definitely settle for that. If anyone out there knows someone who is wanting rolling acne scarring removed look no further than Dominic, I guarantee they'll not be disappointed. fy55 had her surgery Tuesday morning but for some reason I can't get onto her blog, don't understand why!!! Will upload photos over weekend but photos showing scarring on Monday uploading now.

Feeling fabulous

Hello everyone well today (day 8) my stitches were removed by Dominic. Please see uploaded photos. I am ecstatic, I think I look 10 years younger at least. I know my face will soften but im not worried in the least. I still have very profound bruising, tight around my neck, some very large lumps and jaw is fairy solid. Am I worried - not at all - I have utmost faith in Dr Genius. Apparently I have folliculitus behind my ear, nothing serious, but this is probably caused by having diabetes for 43 years. He has put me on antibiotics and cream. I feel I should say if you are wanting your face stretched like Donatello Versace then don't go to Dominic, if you are wanting your facial features to change then don't go to Dominic, however if you want to look a natural 10 years younger then Dominic is your man, don't waste time and money on looking elsewhere Dr Genius will not disappoint.
Another update in a few days

Afternoon out with hubbt????

A glass of champers to toast my homecoming ????

Day 13 update

Morning everyone well its now been 13 days post surgery and I'm well on the way to recovery. I've posted 2 horrific photos of behind my ears showing why I'm still on anti biotics and one covering my scars! Swelling is going down slowly, bruising still colourful everywhere but mid face but I still love the eye shadow on my eyes, if I could I'd keep that
colour - wonder if I could get them tattooed hmmm!?!? How do I feel FABULOUS still waiting for acne scars to show in a lesser form...I've analysed my face so so many times, know all the nooks and crannies, and can't be happier. Quite tight under chin, feels like the head support bandage is still on,!!! Sides of face, ears and neck numb but gradually softening - don't forget I'm an extremely slow healer so this is possibly a bit out the ordinary - going on my jollies 5weeks on Friday with friends hope upon hope I look bruise free. Back down to London again on Friday as Dominic wants to keep a close eye on me, don't mind at all looking forward to seeing him and the gorgeous Yvonne, the star of Team DB. I absolutely adore London, I'm meeting my friend to do a little shopping then off to the Gymnasium Bar near Kings cross - fab foodie and vino can't wait.
Oh I've also posted a reminder of how I looked 2 days pre op, what a difference 2 weeks make!!!! Adios for now x

I can't believe it's now 3 weeks since my surgery

Where has the time gone, I've been reading more reviews from The Bray Babes, and everyone is ecstatic having chosen Dr Genius. As you all know I'm a very very slow healer and still have those horrible scabs behind my ear (Dominic will sort next Friday on my 4 week review) colourful chin, neck and side of my face, plus still can't feel my chin, and part of my neck but feel utterly brilliant in myself. No words can express how I feel about myself and Dominic's artistry. It would have been a lot easier if I had healed "normally" but unfortunately that was not to be. Still no acne scars yet but I'm still very swollen so I suppose it's difficult to tell yet! I'm away on my jollies 4 weeks on Saturday so I'm hoping the scabs may have disappeared by then, fingers and toes crossed... I've added some photos and will update once I've seen Dominic next Friday x

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