29 Years Old, 2 Kids, 120 Lbs 5'4 300cc Unders. London, GB

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Hi all, my divorce gift to myself! :) I've wanted...

Hi all, my divorce gift to myself! :) I've wanted this procedure since I was 16, but it was never the right time until now. I don't think I will have any more kids, and although I really like my body, I'd like to fill out the top of my bras for once!

I went for a few consultations in London and decided to go with Harley Medical Group, despite the reviews and the PIP scandal. I've found Dr Solomos to be the best surgeon out of my three consultations. Although, I can't say I'm happy with the clinic staff, they are notoriously difficult to get ahold of...

My pre-op appointment is tomorrow, and I'm 14 days from surgery! Really excited but kind of nervous about the risks (such as capsular contracture). I have very little breast tissue and I'm worried about how natural they will look, too. My surgeon suggested between 275 and 300ccs, which he said should take me to full C/D cup. I am currently a 32 A. Any more and he said I won't have a natural looking result.

I will post some before photos later.

Pre op photos

Here are some photos of me pre op. I am 7 days from surgery! Excited but also nervous and hoping nothing goes wrong.

My left breast is just slightly bigger than my right, and my surgeon said that the nipples are slightly uneven but that will remain the same after surgery. It's not very noticeable because right now I am so small, but I wonder once I go bigger, will there be a massive difference?

As you can see, around the top and sides of my breasts there is zero tissue, so I'm worried about rippling around the sides. I have been trying to put in weight and I've gained about 5 pounds, but it went straight to my butt as usual!

Home now

Just got home. My experience at Highgate Hospital was so good.

I've got a lot of swelling in my left breast and the surrounding area. The pain actually isn't too bad. But my left, It looks way bigger. I had 300cc HP in both, but they feel and look really small. They are so squishy which is good, no hardness. I'm going to give them time and hope they even out over the next few months. :(

I have to wear my band for three weeks. It's pretty uncomfortable but should help them drop nicely.

Day 3

My back is killing me from lying around. I'm going to try and get out of the house today because I'm going crazy! The pain is awful, like when your milk comes in but times 10! Even with painkillers it hurts so much!

With the band over them, I can't really get an idea of how they look. I'm afraid to take the band off lol because I don't want to mess anything up! My pectoral muscles have been twitching like crazy, so I think its best to just leave the band on for now. My skin across my cleavage is so tight. I don't have much swelling anymore, I have been icing both breasts since I came home from the hospital.

It's just hard to get an idea of size, with the band. They are so tight and pointy though, lol. I'm sure after my post op appointment once the bandages over the incisions come off, I'll be able to massage them and get a better idea on size. One is still bigger than the other, and I think they are going to stay that way.

I want to try on clothes but there's no way, it hurts too much. Plus the band gives them a funny shape anyway. I'll have to be patient!

Love them!

Only day 6 but they look good so far!! I already love my results. Just need them to soften now!

The band = death, it's so awful I hate it! but I have a feeling my crease was lowered and I have to wear it to stretch my lower pole. I'm going to ask at my post op tomorrow. It just feels like I'm pushing them deep into my chest wall, it kind of freaks me out.

Getting better!

Went to my post op 3 days ago with a nurse. She said I am healing great and that my boobs look so natural! Scars are about 5cm long and already healed nicely. I'm still very bloated and swollen all around my belly, it hasn't gone away yet!

But the swelling had gone down a lot in between my breasts and they are moving closer together - I think I am gonna have great cleavage!

The right is still tight and a little higher in the pocket - the left looks great I don't want it to drop anymore. I still wear the band 24/7 to help with the right but I haven't seen much change in it yet...however they seems very even in size now. Just need that right to get more comfy under the muscle!

I'm so happy with them, some days I feel like they are kind of small but they really do look great! I'm currently wearing a 36C sports bra and the band is very tight. Not sure what braz size I will end up with yet...

Is this the torpedo look??

I haven't had much change since my last update, I'm just waiting for my breasts to soften and kind of round out, from the front they look great but the side profile looks pointy, they are still very tight and I can't push them together and they...well they don't really move lol! I hope this gets better, I've read that textured implants don't move as naturally as smooth. But I hope they get rounder and more jiggly with time!! I guess it's all about being patient :)

I'm happy with the size, in clothes I look like a B but when I undress they look nice and full on my frame. I tried an old 36 B bra on and the cups only came up around half of them, well just barely! Hahah awesome!! I must be small D, I can't wait to get sized :D

6 Weeks Post Op and Dental Work

Hi ladies! I am nearly 6 weeks post op now, and feeling great. The pointy-ness from my last post has gone, and I don't have much pain at all anymore. I even lay on stomach sometimes. My breasts can touch when I push them together but they are still a little tight and I think they will continue to soften. I love them, wouldn't want ANY bigger or smaller - they are perfect!! :D

In 48 hours I'm having a cleaning and a filling with my dentist, and I'm wondering if I should take prophylactic antibiotics to help prevent cc? I'm really nervous that I'm gonna get cc from having dental work and I don't know what to do!!! I've rang HMG and my dentist and they both said it's not something they do routinely, but they will check with the doctor and let me know.

I'm going bra shopping next week and I'm so excited! From my own measurements (band size minus measurement across my chest) I should be a D, since I've gained four inches projecting outwards! (Love these high profiles!!) but I will update after I buy my new bras :)

I've been sized!

Hi all! I went and got sized at Victoria's Secret last week, and measured in at a 32DD! I also bought some bras from M&S in a 32D and those fit good too. I'm really happy with the size, they really don't look massive at all. I think a UK D cup is equivalent to a U.S. C cup, by the way!

I'm totally happy with the look, my only slight issue is the feel. They are very firm. Not painful at all, I'm not worried about capsular contracture or anything like that. But they do feel fake, when i'm with my boyfriend I feel so self conscious about how firm they are. Also the scars are still pink, and very visible if you look underneath for them. Nurse said not to massage, so I'm not sure if anything will help with the firmness. I really hope they soften some more.

Other than that, the surgery was totally worth it and I am extremely happy with the results!

Final appointment

I had my last post op appointment with Dr Solomos today, he is an amazing surgeon and I highly recommend him. He achieved the exact result I wanted. I'm really pleased with Harley Medical Group too. My confidence has improved a lot and I have perfect results. Very happy with my choice.

Cleavage update

Update on cleavage! I'm 3 months 17 days post op, cleavage is coming along, still stiff though and I'm having trouble finding an underwire bra that fits properly. Still wearing soft non-wired bras. I've been going braless at night for almost two months but I think I might go back to wearing a sports bra to sleep, does anyone know if this will make a difference regarding sagging in the future etc?

Sometimes I still wish I went bigger!

One Year Later

Hi, just wanted to update my review with some photos of me one year on. I'm very happy with my results. My right breast is tighter and stiffer than the left, but it doesn't bother me too much. It may be minor capsular contracture or it may be the way the pocket was cut. Either way, I'm OK with it.

I'm measuring at a 32DD. But It really doesn't look like it In most outfits.

Since its been a year, I'm going to start going bra-less as much as a I can. I still have a really high profile, although I'm sure over time they will continue to settle and look even better.

My scars look tidy and I hardly notice them.

Sometimes I do still wish I went bigger. :)

I would highly recommend Harley medical group and Dr Solomos. I'm so happy with my choice.

I decided on Dr Solomos and Harley Medical Group because he was so patient and thorough at my initial consultation. He based my implant size off of my body measurements to give me a really natural and proportionate look. He also gave me a choice on size and implant shape. Post op, the implant placement is perfect and my breasts look very symmetrical and natural, and my scars are extremely neat. I highly recommend Dr Solomos for breast augmentation!

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