Happy So Far with Restylane!

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I had Restylane under eye injections last week to...

I had Restylane under eye injections last week to correct a lower blepharoplasty from five years ago. I had gone in for the bleph procedure with bags under my eyes but left with hollows and dark circles that always made me look worn out. I decided to try Restylane before I went for something more permanent (and expensive) like Sculptra. I’ve tried my share of temporary procedures (Botox, etc.) not to mention that doomed lower bleph so I know the importance of trying before you buy, so to speak!

I was afraid of so many things going wrong after what I’ve read online but everything so far is great! The doctor gave me this numbing cream before he began and the injections didn’t hurt one bit. I didn’t feel a thing, even in such a sensitive area. I was pleasantly surprised by this.

What little swelling there was afterwards has gone down to next to nothing by now. There never was any bruising, which surprised me because I usually bruise following injections, even from flu shots. The doc did a really good job to make sure that didn’t happen. I also haven’t noticed any lumps or bumps from the procedure and I’m very pleased about that.

Given the results so far, I am torn between getting Sculptra when this wears off or going back for more Restylane. I’m rapidly becoming a Resty fan but I do like the appeal of a longer lasting result too. We’ll see!
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