Happy So Far - 5 Weeks In

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Why I Did It: I had brown spots, bags, and crows...

Why I Did It: I had brown spots, bags, and crows feet. I am 38 and look young until you see my brown spots, and the crows feet when I smile. Pros and Cons: I am 5 weeks in and there is serious improvement. Many brown spots went away, some lightened. The skin under my eyes is more moist and thick. Also, they say that the collagen-regeneration takes time, and I will see more fullness in my skin over the next couple of months... But I have started to get compliments and I can see my skin looks jucier already. The treatment itself: No walk in the park. This hurt even with 2 Vicodin and the numbing gel. Also, I thought it was intense to wear the (optional) metalic eye-contacts that enable them to treat my eyelids. I loved my nurse who administered the Active FX. She has done zillions of lazer treatments, and is very focused and confident and kind. I feel she cares... she wanted me to get great results, she did not rush at, and did what she could to help me be comfortable.. she even called the next day to check in. In fact, the whole (woman-owned) facility was lovely and personal. ({edited} in Pasadena / Los Angeles Area) I investigated 3 places and they seemed the best to me. Editor note: you must be contacted privately with doctor recommendations and feedback. Readers should click on your username to reach the private contact form.
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