Vaser Lipo with Dr Mike Comins, Abs and Flanks - London, GB

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After battling with under bra rolls and pooch for...

After battling with under bra rolls and pooch for all my life, always feeling chubby in tighter clothes finally took the plunge and decided on vaser lipo today!
The procedure went well, I was sedated. The team was warm and welcoming and I have to say even though it was mild sedation...i was completely out for the whole procedure

Day 2 - lots of pain and worryingly not much draining

A little worried on day two because I have a lack of drainage... Well I have some, but not as much I was expecting from reading other reviews. I didn't soak through clothes, it was all pretty dry, just uncomfortable.
First day I slept most the afternoon and evening getting up to try and eat a little something before taking some pain meds and antibiotics.
What I was not aware of is just how much you need someone with you the first few days. My boyfriend is an angel, I'm so weak to move around I couldn't have done it without him at all! You can't just have a friend drop you home and text you, I need help getting in and out of bed and going to the toilet.

Dr Comins called earlier today which I was very thankful about, he mentioned I was out of it when he saw me so he wanted to check in. At this point other than the lack of drainage I didn't have much to report.
He said he'd check me on Monday when I was going in for mld but advised me to massage the lumps in the shower when I was going to change the garment.

The shower was really traumatic for me as it was the first time to see my skin and shape since the procedure. It was not pretty. No bruising but very severe lumps and bumps. It's looking like Tara Reid liposuction job, but worse!! There a deep groove running down the middle of my body where the garment fastens. It looks like a well between my boobs to belly button, deep enough you can put a pencil through it. Anybody else had this issue? Feeling quite emotional about it even though it's only day 2. I spent a good time massaging the area whilst lying down. I've put the garment back on and put a piece of padding near the fastener so to stop the area getting more of a groove.
I couldn't fasten the garment up to the tightest hook anymore, I'm just too swollen after the massage and shower. It's still pretty tight so I hope it's not going to cause any recovery issues.
I was so distraught I didn't think to take any pics but will the next time I shower!

Some lumps, bumps, foam boards and MLD magic!

Yesterday (day 4) was my first check up and I went back to the practice to have some mld massage.
Key things happening now:
-all drainage has stopped for me now, I actually only had drainage maybe 24 hours... No soaking through clothes but apparently I drained a lot as I left surgery to be fastened into the garment.
-hardly any pain, maybe 3/10 and most of that is garment discomfort. Warning, you do lose the ability to use your core and its a very strange and worrying feeling when you can't even seem to turn yourself over, without quite some effort however I was expecting this, just a really bizarre feeling!
- onset of swelling. I'm told it's started a little early but it's meant I can't quite fasten my garment up as tightly as immediately post surgery.
-mobility slow but significantly stronger than the last two days. Going back to a desk job is uncomfortable but not impossible if you were to do it... However you would be super slow if you're anything like me.
-be really careful with micro tape, I pulled some off last night with what I thought was gentle force but where the tape had rippled it actually ripped a little of my skin. Ouch!!! I wasn't aware it was so adhesive and also how sensitive my skin is. I'm now with additional plasters... As you can see *sigh* and when you're already paranoid about healing this isn't the best.

Day 4 was the first mld treatment for me.
One of the key things that swayed me to Hans was that they offer mld within the clinic itself so it means that I can also visit Dr Comins while I'm there and he can check my progress.
I am pleasantly surprised by the level of aftercare despite my initial reservations. Dr Comins took the time to check in with me each day over the weekend, especially when he feared I might have been panicking about the groove that appeared (thanks to my review above) and made sure to visit me a few times over my mld session to look at ways to ensure we stay on track for a smooth result.

I was still a little worried about the groove so at the first shower and discovery I tried to add padding to the fastening area and it seemed to work as it seemed a lot less indented at the check up although there are still a few lumps and bumps.

After the mld the therapist and Dr Comins agreed that an ab board might really help and that's what you can see in the pics.
You can see from the pics I took just before my shower that, it is already looking smooth-especially in relation to the groove. I wish I'd taken a picture initially because then the insane relief I feel at not seeing it would be better understood.
I feel the board helps me walk straighter and sit up straighter so hopefully I'll crease as little as possible.

Apologies for the really bad selfie pics of my abs... My regular photographer has decided to return to work now I can seemingly navigate my way to the fridge and won't starve in the day!

So the good: my bra roll fat is significantly smaller, it's exactly what I wanted to see and I hope if anything it will get smaller still over the months.

I think I see a waist? I did on the initial surgery day, my back looks a lot smaller I think... Dr Comins tells me flanks are quite swollen (I can't seem to feel it much though) but there's a little shape already. Updates to come!

The still to see:
The tummy lumps and bumps are still here... Unfortunately you can't really see it in the image I took but it's a but there's a rippled effect above the belly button on my left side -but this looks a little less since the board so I'm optimistic, I do think on hindsight that maybe my garment was fastened too tightly after surgery?
I learned that the garments are pretty standard sizes so it'll never be a perfect fit, had I known that I might have asked about the fastening and padding prior to surgery.

I still have the overhang on the belly which I was really hoping would disappear with vaser. Admittedly it's much smaller but it's still there. I'm really hoping that with healing and swelling subsiding that it'll gradually become less.
Right now I'd say I look like a slightly slimmer version of my previous self... Not the best, but certainly not catastrophic.. Considering this is day 5 and I'm in swell mode.
Also my appetite is really low, I get hungry but get full very quickly with small portions probably due to the garment tightness on my tummy... so I'm eating well for the amount I can and well I'm thinking it can only support the overall result.
I would consider this the better day of recovery... But from my freak out previously I've already been prepared that it'll be a roller coaster of good and bad.

My Mld was done "in house" and actually by the same lady (Julie) recommended by Dr wolf too (he was my other choice of surgeon)
She's really great and the whole experience is really relaxing and I am seemingly walking straighter and seem less lumpy.
I'm booked in for three sessions this week and then I might look to do 1 a week since its quite expensive at £75 a session.
You can find a therapist close to home, cheaper (cheapest I saw was £55) or someone who does home visits for the same price but for me the small walk to the surgery was plus, a recommended practitioner who has experience with cosmetic. Patients and just being able to check in with the surgeon about any concerns makes it a good choice for me.

My neck glands have become a little more sore since mld. I remember her saying it's something to do with lymph nodes but I've made a note to check in tomorrow about it. It's not unbearable but it is quite tender!

I have no bruising apart from a little strangely on my thigh... I think it might again be the fault of the garment tightness?
Before surgery I took bromelain (pineapple extract ) religiously and now vit c everyday so I don't know if that helped in anyway. I usually bruise quite easy so that's why I was quite surprised!

Quite swollen and still lumpy and uneven :(

Feeling very swollen and lumpy still and it's my one week mark.
I think it's difficult to see the unevenness in the pics but it's definitely there.
My surgeon says that "we'll keep an eye on it" and for now I can only really trust his expertise. I have read and prepared for lumps and bumps for quite a few months so trying hard to not worry at this stage.
When I stand its quite smooth, but sitting or just a slight lean (as I found out in the shower earlier) the lumpiness is quite evident. Shower time is not really my favourite time!
My incisions are healing so lots of itching. I still can't believe I was so careless with the micro tape so I'm being very cautious not to traumatise the skin anymore-hoping the scratches I did inflict will heal quickly and nicely!
I'm still wearing the foam board and I have to admit I quite like it and I'm positively convinced it's helping smooth me over.
Mld sessions are also happening. 2nd one yesterday and I still love the feeling that the lady is almost moulding me into shape.
I can see some differences in my shape already for sure. From the front it's very very obvious, the side I'm a lot flatter too.-just still with a overhang which is ugly. Dr says quite confidently that its still swollen and its due to go down so I hope that he's right.
Back on the scales I'm back to my pre surgery weight... Although I didn't actually weigh myself inbetween so I don't know if I even fluctuated. I'm not really a scales person, it's all about how I look in a dress so I'm not too worried, I was checking mostly to get a gauge on "swelling" or how much water I was retaining. Dr Comins did give me a answer for it but I'm not sure if I understood it, something about swelling protein being heavier...maybe one to ask about again.
Almost 1 week my key take out is that this is as they say relatively painless. For me my downtime was very limited.
Results are not instantanious as I've seen in some photos. Photos are also maybe decieving, I think my photos look good, but the reality is quite different and that can be disheartening when you've researched and it seemed like it could have been otherwise.
*However* one week in and this is not the final result and I'm keeping that firm in mind. It's a good start!!

So much swelling!

I'm feeling a wee bit disheartened looking at my progress pics. I know and have poured over several hundred reviews here and by the Dr that tell me the swelling gets worse before it gets better so trying to ignore what I see for now but when the shape of your torso looks like it's going back to the original, well, you can't help but feel a bit nervous.
Admittedly most of these pics were taken in the afternoon and I do think the swelling is much much worse after a day of work than first thing.
I've included a picture of me first thing in the am too which makes me feel a bit better.

My main fear is that I will just be a moderately slimmed version of my former self, as opposed to flat stomach without bra roll and tummy roll I desperately want as the canvas for me to restart my gym work and start seeing actual abs.
It was the rolls of fat that were always resistant to exercise... But slimming down for me was luckily never much of an issue and I could've done it with diet control alone.

I'm pretty much back to my usual routine in terms of mobility. I start off quite snug and slim in my garment but towards the end of the day I get very swollen but getting home and relaxing helps a lot!
I've been told to take walks and stay active... But being active seems to swell me more. I do find that light stretching has really helped me so doing that a lot more.

The upper abs don't feel as tender anymore so not sure if that means that the swelling is over?- hope not because it doesn't look great and still seems like there's some lumpy fat remaining in that area.
The abdo lumps are really prevalent right now and the groove which should be in the middle is skewed to the left.

It's skew to the left has baffled Dr Comins, I asked if it was because he thought it was because too much fat was taken out but he wasn't 100% since its still quite early in recovery terms, it could still even out.
I think soon as the lumps go I think the groove will be OK...
He's still watching it since I'm still so soon after surgery and he has reassured me that after Christmas we will revisit it of its still an issue by reshaping and re injecting fat.

I've seen Dr Comins at each of my Mld sessions (which are at his surgery)
I'm happy I chose a surgeon who seems committed to helping me achieve my desired results and this is reassuring... Esp since i did this in mind with seeing majority of the result for a special holiday in April. However I'm nervous to go through something like this again and scar over scar and well just incase it doesn't work and I stress my body for nothing. Anyway less panicking about that until that's something to actually worry about.

My lower abs the skin feels pretty rough and seems a bit aged in Comparison to the upper abs so I've been massaging with bio oil twice a day and hopefully the skin was just dehydrated and need a bit of care. Since using bio oil, my skin is also a lot less itchy so I throughly recommend it.
Still upping my vit C too so hoping it's all helping on the inside.

And of course massage.... So much massage! Both mld and on my own! And some gentle yoga esq stretching to smooth the area and try and manage the swelling.
Mld massages are still working wonders for me. I feel so much better after them and Julie is super knowledgeable and reassuring about recovery... I think when you're in the 2 weeks phase she's a great asset to have around and its been a comfort for me to have that reassurance that my worries are not uncommon.
The last mld massage I had was particularly good, afterwards I really needed the loo a lot and without oversharing too much, let's just say, I could tell that my kidneys were really flushing out the bad stuff!
I think I'm going to continue another 2 weeks and then maybe a little less frequently since I'm slowly draining all my cash!

Back to Also wearing garment without the foam board too and enjoying getting some better sleep as a result!

Anxiously anticipating the next few weeks where I think the initial results might be clearer, until then some more clean eating and making sure not to crease!!

In some positive news...

Today I discovered an old blouse I'd completely given up on due to its tight fit, actually fits again! - I was wearing it with the compression garment but regardless it was a nice loose fit and it really cheered me up from all the other emotions I've been feeling about the lumps.
Today I decided to make a effort to not remove my garment at all for a whole 24 hours just to see how it goes. Usual swelling appeared in the eve but it was slightly less than usual. The last few days I made an extra insane effort to cut out salt/sodium-its so hard, but maybe that's really helped in my reduced swelling.
From the last time I took the garment off I definitely feel that fat remains in I guess might be considered the love handles area/flanks area. I can quite easily pinch quite a lot and it's not at all tender making me wonder if that area had any treatment at all - or whether the swelling has resolved already... In which case what does it mean, is that an indicator of the final shape? When I sit its bulgey too, so here's hoping not!
I can still see an overhang even with the compression garment, but that area I can feel is def still swollen so I know thats still to settle. In the morning it also seems a lot flatter, so I'm quietly optimistic for that area.
Anxious to see Dr Comins and ask him all the questions, he already made sure to check in and asked me to make a follow up app this week which I did so more updates to come on where I am with my upper abs lumps and bumps. If that could magically even out I'd be on cloud 9!!
I'm so envious of the girls who reviewed that they were simply smooth straight away. I'm so trying to be patient, thanks for the messages of reassurance!

1 month post vaser!

Today is officially 1 month since I had vaser on my abs and flanks.
Unfortunately I'm told I'm one of the ones who seems to have slow resolving swelling and lumps so I'm still waiting for those to settle down and it seems it might be a few weeks more until I have a better indication of my results.
But so far the great news is I'm a lot slimmer and I see less of an belly overhang each week!
I'm still wearing my garment 24 hrs. I'm not bothered by it on a day to day basis so additional wear isn't an issue for me.
I'm actually quite enjoying it protecting my still tender skin and it reminds me to sit up straight.

I'm finding that when I wake in the morning (as in these pics) I'm a lot less swollen and lumpy, my abs look flat and the lumps.. Well less lumpy and it all looks like progress and I'm pretty happy. By the end of the day I can look about 3 months pregnant, it's a bit of a roller coaster- but I did read and was warned by the aftercare team it could be. The lumps are just on my abs, everywhere else is smooth.
I'm going to ask if I can start my gym/ab work as maybe having some stronger core muscles could help... But I don't want to dislogde any scars or healing and accidentally cause more lumps. Maybe it doesn't work like that but have made a note to check it first!

I've been asked privately a lot if I think that vaser was worth it?

I think its still too early for me to call it because I'm still swollen.
Most days I'm really happy I did this, namely the day I brought a new clingy dress and whilst the swelling still gives me a slight overhang on the belly, I can definitely see the potential of how it should look *fingers crossed* in a few more additional weeks. I definitely see a difference, Ive lost a lot of the hard fat I couldn't get rid myself. I just hope more will come off because I still really feel chunky in places like enough wasn't removed but I hope that's still swelling!
Even though I'm not a scales person (but because people ask) I've lost 0.5 of a stone, I'm also reading that swelling means I'm still holding water weight so this could even be more in the long run.

On the "bad" days where the swelling is high, and basically It looks like ive had no vaser at all, I try to remind myself of the "clothes on" results I can see already.

I double checked that I was still swollen. It sounds a little ridiculous perhaps but because I don't feel swollen everywhere like my flanks I was begining to think I was healed there and that might have been the final result, (which would have been disappointing) but the Dr says there's still swelling there and lack of tenderness isn't an indication that swelling is over so that's good news in the sense there's still improvements to my waist shape to come!

From a bikini body perspective I'm unlucky to have got these lumps And the way they're healing means that they're skewing that nice line in the middle of my abs to the left.

Dr Comins thinks I might need some revision but also that for now its still too early to worry about it as I'm still healing. I'm staying optimistic and hoping that over the next few weeks I'll see some significant changes.

I am desperate to get a great bikini body result so I'm relieved for his reassurance on being there to help me achieve it. I'm not against a revision so we agreed to take a look and reassess it after Christmas which will be my 3 month mark.

I've actually been really lucky with my aftercare support so far. I am naturally anxious and to put myself through this seems to have opened up all new crazy behaviour, namely the staring myself in the mirror and asking everyone "do I still look lumpy to you? " and I have a lot of questions for the Dr.

I have to admit, initially I was nervous of how aftercare with Dr Comins might be, whether cosmetic surgery was a bit of a conveyor belt system to him however I have been really pleasantly surprised so far that this isn't the case.
Dr Comins has checked in on me in each of my MLD sessions every week. He's taken on board my concerns and made sure to take the time in private consultation to explain options for next stages should the lumps not resolve themselves.

We've discussed cortisone injections and I've been doing a bit of reading on them... Mainly because I'm a bit needle nervous so I'm keen to know as much as possible, had anyone else had these? Did you find it helped? Any negativity/positivity?

In other life post vaser updates I'm being quite restrictive (self imposed) on my diet particularly on days when the swelling makes my stomach stick out quite a bit and it automatically sets off a cycle of guilt... Esp if I've indulged!
I don't indulge often and hardly ever since the surgery so not too tamper with the results but I would say thats probably been the most challenging and sometimes misery inducing. However I made a commitment to make sure when I chose to spend so much money on vaser, that I would make sure I protected the results.

Anybody had revision after vaser? What are your thoughts?

This week is my 6 week mark and having discussed my healing so far with Dr Comins unfortunately it seems I will need to consider some revision surgery to loosen up some of the scar tissue which has made some of the recovery quite lumpy and bumpy.

Unfortunately its really hard to see it in the pics. When I stand it actually looks pretty great, but sitting down (and when you see me in person) it's not great. Because of the scarring under the lumps, I now crease in a strange way - certainly not suitable for sitting around on a beach in a bikini!
Basically it's one big lump on my right side... Had that healed correctly, I think it might have evened out somewhat.

The overhang is still there but Its better than when I started the process though!
I feel pretty much back to normal everywhere else apart from the overhang which still feels tender occasionally so I hope that there's still some swelling due to go down there...
I do still feel that not enough fat was taken out, I just feel it's still so pinchable over the sides but the Dr did say taking out too much can cause complications and given that I will now have additional surgery, I think it's better there's some fat or something there left as a buffer.
Also he did mention I had quite a lot of puffy scar tissue... So maybe it's that and not fat as I read it can sometimes feel the same.

The revision can only be done once I'm healed and I think that might be at 6 months. I have an app booked for Feb for reassessment and get a date in the diary. I'm keen to know if anyone has had any revision surgery, what were your experiences and how long did you have between surgeries?
Did you see significant differences? Any issues?
My main worry is that even after the second surgery i could get lumps again... Perhaps worse?

I do still have confidence in my surgeon, he's been honest and frank and also reassuring that a touch up will get me to better results. I get the impression that he's a little bit of perfectionist so I think I'm in good hands when it comes to getting the result I want.
Here's hoping for some less lumpy updates in the next 6 months!

I will continue to update the blog over Xmas (mainly the blogs keep me honest on making sure I don't slip into bad lifestyle habits) and of course answer questions!

Ideally I'm considering a revision surgery end of April if my surgeon agrees.

In other news tonight is my first night without the compression garment which I've pretty much worn 24/7 apart from showering and the odd night out.
I actually really like mine and the way it keeps me quite sucked in so I'm kinda having to wean myself off it!

Lumps becoming more obvious...

And I'm feeling quite worried to see them actually! I think previously I knew there were uneven areas but it didn't seem AS obvious somehow and I felt I could almost get away with them.
Now I'm really hating looking in the mirror, especially by the end of the day where the lumps seem to increase in size and overall I feel bigger in the muffin top area. I don't feel I look as slim standing up as I first did after vaser.
I'm sure I must be over the swelling so I'm unsure to why these seem to feel bigger.

Whilst people have been writing they experience hard lumps after vaser, mine seem to be soft, squishy and feel like fat.
When I exercise it seems to become very soft and jelly like. I think I'll be dropping a note to the Dr to check on it.
I'm worried that these lumps are the pockets of fat. It's making me nervous that any weight gain might mean it goes to sit in those areas which is going to be horrific! But when I press it does feel like I'm hitting muscle/scar tissue so I just don't know!
I've been super careful with my diet and Christmas days saw a slight blip but nothing where I would imagine it could cause this change.
My weight hasn't changed since the vaser either.
Having not been keen on revision surgery before, I'm now thinking it's going to need to be a necessity otherwise it's not really holiday or mentally friendly to look this way.
Not feeling good great right now and look forward to getting revision scheduled in!... Although I'm concerned that might leave me with lumps too!

I actually wonder if I'll have a moment again when I'm not worried about lumps on my abs!

Journey at 4 months

At 4 months, I think I've hit a bit of a plateau in terms of documenting my changes. I think I'm now at the shape I'll remain in... Until my revision which I'm booked in for early summer. That'll be around 8 months since the first.

Currently my mid section is a bit lumpy, with clothes I can live with it, but it's not really great without!
You can see the line down the middle isn't at all straight in one of my pics...i feel like it should match up with my belly button but is pretty misaligned. Funnily it actually seems more pronounced when I'm at my slimmest... I had a pic done first thing and you can see it much clearer than the bikini pics.
I need to ask actually how that will pan out in the end. I hope I don't end up with two lines... The correct one and the wonky one!

I spoke with Dr Comins at 3 months and he thinks I have quite a lot of resistant fat and a second time will be much more effective.
I've been impressed at the aftercare so far, he's made time to see me each time I've asked for a consultation and I have a lot of questions so I've appreciated his time!

This time I think he might add drains as last time I didn't drain as much at home. Feeling a bit squeamish about those but I'm really hoping for a very smooth result in the abs from the second time in and hope I can loose that last little lower belly bulge so whatever it takes!

Thinking about it, I want to also check on whether there will be a board too after surgery to keep everything flat, last time after 24 hours when i had the shower, I was pretty panicked at the wonky crease... The board was awesome, I got it about 3 days after the surgery and it really helped smooth out areas bring squished by the garments and totally improved my posture!

I'd always seen vaser as part 1 so I've been hitting the gym hard and cleaned up my diet since January to "enhance" the results...and its been working great. I think the motivation is definitely better with a slimmer silhouette.
I have found exercise... Esp HIIT really challenging since vaser. Everything feels very tender inside when jumping around.
It's probably scar tissue but it feels heavy? Esp the remaining lower belly bulge. I've actually had to take to exercising with the garment... Very hot but it's made the workout lots more bearable.

My relationship with food has taken a bit of a hammering. I am a lot more concious of the food I eat.. Especially since I swell quite a lot after meals. Usually even after just a small meal! It's not been fun and it's a bit disappointing to feel quite bloated despite having fat removed..

But generally, the great feeling of looking great in slimmer t-shirts and jeans has been amazing. I am still really pleased to have had the vaser and I can't deny that it'd been a good kick start for a healthier lifestyle! Now I just really hope the revision is going to give me the remaining results I've been expecting.

Revision surgery T minus 12 hours!

It's finally here! Tomorrow I'll finally have the revision surgery which will hopefully remove the lumps from the initial surgery and also the belly overhang left. I was really disappointed that remained after the surgery and even though I tried to keep the faith, it just didn't pan out for me.

It's been 8 months and whilst I have gone down a dress size it would seem that the lumps are still prone to weight gain which makes me hope that rather than swelling they're simply fat cells that can be removed easily enough this time around.

In the last 3 months I've been a little lax in my diet due to traveling, birthdays and holidays and less gym sessions and I think the 3lbs weigh gain has definitely gone straight to the lump! I'm very aware of it and especially in tight clothes.

I'm just praying that this time I get the flat stomach look without wonky creases and lumps. Hope that the doctor will remove more as this is pretty much the last shot at this.

Feeling more anxious this time around and wondering if if it's a bad idea to put my body through so much stress due vanity reasons. Also I'm just worried of the same issues cropping up like more lumps and nothing changing.

Dr Comins mentioned that he'd try access via new holes in the bra line but given that the scars on my back are already so obvious - people have actually commented on it :(... Im going to ask if there's anyway he can go in through the front. The scars at the front have healed pretty well.
Also hoping to get/use my board this time... Make sure that I do not get creases in the wrong spaces!
I think I'm also having drains this time but I'll keep you posted! Last time I actually had no leakage whatsoever, great at the time, but in hindsight I don't know if it meant I retained it?

Some pics of where I am now, will update again a few days after the surgery!
If it's anything like last time I'll be zonked from the anesthetic for a while :)

So far it looks great!

I'm done! .. And doing so much better than the first time around!
The Dr was very through in the pre prep, a lot more drawing on me than last time. I was concerned about additional incisions on my back which tend to leave a mark as they heal...I had two more in the bra line now which wasn't preferred but I wanted the best result this time around so I can deal with marks later!

The surgery went well, nothing to report...
I think less anesthetic was used so I was much less groggy afterwards. Compared to the first surgery where I slept 12 hours straight and felt just awful and foggy for days, I was quite awake, still very achey but managed a few vegetables for dinner and slept through the night relatively peacefully.

Today I had a shower and got to see the results and so far I am over the moon!!!
I have zero overhang... Nothing it's totally not there. The hubby is just astonished! The lump is also gone, the whole torso looks really smooth. I actually almost don't believe it, Just praying I bandaged it up again OK so that I don't create any bumps. Im quite paranoid now to keep it smooth!
I'm so relieved and happy and I'm pretty sure that's why I'm in good spirits and feeling better already! The day after the first surgery it was not pretty... I felt awful and it was terrible to look at and of course the end results were not as expected.

This time round I have the foam and I think that's helped a lot! I feel like it helped keep everything smooth and wrinkle free!
I also had drains left in... And boy did they drain... So much fluid but was really good that it did! The draining seems to have stopped now or at least it hasn't sunk through the new bandages.

MLD starts tomorrow and looking forward to getting another look!

Week 3

I've unfortunately been a little but lazy in documenting my progress this time around but I'm so happy to say that I'm absolutely thrilled with the results this time!

When I compare my pictures and feelings of this surgery to the previous, it's so hugely different!

My whole torso is flat! No belly rolls and actually when I bend I see no rolls then either. I actually can't stop looking in the mirror I can't believe its all disappeared!
I am still swollen but to look at it as it looks today is amazing. I've added some pics but I think they don't do justice to the result. It's better seen when I'm lying down I think so I've added that pic too!

So what's the not so good?
The incision marks... Now these haven't healed yet (its only week 3) but one on the back looks particularly large. I'm always conscious of the back ones because well... you can see them with most outfits and at the beach etc.
I brought some Obagi clear for the original marks from the first surgery and as soon as these recent ones are more healed I'll start using that on those too.

That lump that was there from the first time is still there... It's not hugely visible but I think because I know it's there it's glaringly obvious. I had some cortisone injections in there now so fingers crossed it all goes down!

Overall I am thrilled at the revision! I was not expecting it to be this great! I'm desperate for my skin to feel less tender and swelling subside a little so I can go compression garment free!

In other good news I can get back to the gym... I am starting to feel a bit lethargic as it's been weeks since I ran or worked out. Although low impact only... Cross trainer is the worst
Mike Comins

Hope I'm able to document my progress and update the ratings as I go as I think often service and treatment can change overtime. I am currently 8 months into recovery with Hans Place and have just had a revision surgery (you can read all about it!) - and so far with the revision I am over the moon with the results I see. I have no regrets in choosing Dr Comins as my surgeon. He was realistic about areas that might not give me the results I wanted. I was warmly welcomed from the beginning and the surgery step by step well explained. My other choice was the private practice with Dr Wolf and my main deciding factor was that I found the private practice a little clinical for me and a bit conveyor belt esq. Especially when meeting the assistant who would set up the appointments. I found it difficult to get hold of her to ask initial questions too. At Hans place, it is smaller, perhaps less modern in its asthetics but everyone tends to get to know and recognize you from surgery and on-site MLD sessions so it's a more relaxing environment. Dr comins is always floating around too when not in surgery and seems a lot more accessible. I've been able to get check ups quite easily and I think he monitors the diaries to ensure to check in on people when they have their MLD /nurse apps. Dr Comins certainly isn't cheap but I look at it as having invested in a Dr who is a bit of a perfectionist so when something hasn't been right, he's been the first to look at how to improve it and get the results back on track so it'd consider this money well spent! I still have a bit of recovery to get through but I'm very happy with service and with just the improvements with such little downtime! My confidence is so much higher too! It's the best thing I've invested in for myself!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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