Feeling Beautiful Isn't Cheap Journey to Implants

After a failed BBL about 2 weeks ago I have...

After a failed BBL about 2 weeks ago I have decided to get Implants. I honestly wish my surgeon would have just told me from the start that I was not a good candidate for the procedure and I would have looked at other options, but I had to learn the hard way. I cannot express my anger with my failed BBL. When I woke up I was told they put 190 cc's in each cheek after they told me that my whole demeanor changed because I could only imagine how it would look and how I know it was not going to be what I wanted. I have never heard of anyone having that little amount of fat injected into their butt and it turning out well. I am thinking that I am more upset just because of the process it took me to get the procedure in the first place which it was not easy and also the money could have gone towards something else. So here I am now starting my journey to get butt implants which are something I thought I would never do. I refuse to go back to my previous surgeon & I am still unsure of what Dr. I will be using because I am still doing my research . Quality in a surgeon is what I am looking for. The price is no longer a concern anymore because we all know that BEAUTY ISN'T CHEAP.

Consult with Dr. Sholmo Widder in Vienna,VA

Hey ladies!
So I have a consult with Dr.Widder tomorrow October 10, 2016 in Vienna,Va which is about 3 hours away from where I live. I have seen his work and it is amazing. The first day I called the office everyone had excellcent phone equituiqe and I was a little confused when they asked if I wanted to speak to the doctor. I work in the medical field and Doctors are usually "TOO BUSY" to speak to patients on the phone but the nurse insisted that I speak with him. Dr.Widder seems like a great doctor, he was on the phone with me for a good amount of time and educated me on the procedure and his views on BBL which is a procedure he does not perform because the rate of survival for the fat is not high. He recommended that I wait 6 months to a year to get implants but I am hoping he says something different when I have the consult just because I am so tired of being unhappy. Wish me luck I will keep you all updated!

Decisions Decisions

Hello ladies,
So I made it to my consult with Dr.Wddier that day and he seems like an amazing doctor. Also, I was able to see and talk to one of his patients and she looked amazing. As he is a great doctor he does not believe in fat at all and doesn't care to inject around implants which are something I was looking for. I would definitely recommend him he does amazing work! Unfortunately, the fat transfer also means a lot to me and since he does not provide fat transfer around the implants I have decided to go with Dr. Roxy Grawe I following her snap chat and have seen a lot of her patients' reviews and she does amazing work! I called her office and for a consult for a pt out of town through email is $150 non-refundable but it does go towards your surgery. I have not started this process yet because I am making sure this is exactly what I want. I plan on making my decision by mid-November and then surgery in February or march. I will keep you all updated!
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